MyWish Weekly Report 16/07/2021

5 min readJul 16, 2021


  1. We are building a Cross-Chain Bridge for XDC!

We expand our partnership with XinFin with the development of Multisig Cross-Chain Bridge for XinFin native currency — XDC. We are excited about adding such a valuable development to our portfolio. The Bridge will connect XinFin and Ethereum networks.

The Swap will be listed on allowing any XDC holder transfer their assets between the networks

Status: 10% complete

Release: July 29th

2. Neo N3 integration

Neo N3 integration development has finished. The first contract to be released is the Token creation in Testnet. We are now getting to the testing phase. Our team is excited about the launch and looking forward to introducing the new integration to our users.

Status: development completed

Release date: July 19

3. Polygon Airdrop

Polygon blockchain will be added to the MyWish Airdrop multi sender service. Along with the growing popularity of Polygon Airdrop Contract, our team is working for its optimization to offer our users the best experience.

Status: development completed

Release date: 19th July

4. White Label.

Contract deployment from a Blank address was released this week. We are looking to see the demand on the new service added to MyWish automated contracts.

The new White Label option allows creating a contract with no mention of MyWish Deployer. Check it out at

Status: released


  1. MyWish BDay: 4 years

This week MyWish is celebrating its 4th anniversary!

For 4 years of market presence, our platform and team managed to outline the best industry and platform operations practices. Our team is working hard on platform, contracts, services optimization constantly adding new features to keep up with ever-changing market needs.

Today, the platform has over 39 000 registered users and over 27 000 contracts created in total.

MyWish managed to gain trust not only from our users but also from such big market players as Binance, Bancor, Polygon, Rubic, and others (you can find them listed on Our award-winning team of developers has proved their proficiency by passing CertiK audits, winning numerous grants such as TRON accelerator-WINNERS, WAVES Blockchain grant-WINNERS.

Join the feast and get 20% off any contract creation by applying MyWish4Years Promo code on till the end of July

2. Youtube mention

This week MyWish integration of XinFin XDC Network was featured in a popular Youtube Channel with over 1M followers!. Our team is excited about getting noticed by such a big influencer and is grateful to XinFin for their support in spreading the word about MyWish among their community and Crypto arena.

We are excited to see the awareness about our project growing and are looking forward to getting more attention from big news channels.

Check the video out

3. Support from the integrated blockchains

Having expanded our portfolio of integrated blockchains, our team managed to get support from the networks. We are happy to see the willingness of the network’s representative to introduce the MyWish platform to their communities. This week we have received massive attention from XDC Network, Neo, and Polygon. Check it out!

Create your contract at

4. How to create a token on the XDC guide

Having received a lot of attention from the XinFin community, we posted a step-by-step guide about XDC token creation. The post provides a clear explanation of every step of token contract creation with

Read the guide at\

Watch a Youtube Tutorial

Create your token on XDC at

5. accelerator program

Last week we applied for the accelerator program and were honored to get a response about passing the first selection round. Our team was honored to receive positive feedback about our project and was invited for the second round of interviews. We are looking forward to getting the news at the beginning of the next week and hoping to be selected to join the program. Check our weekly reports to stay tuned with the update.

Learn more about Defi Accelerator Program at

6. Telegram Community: 8 000 members

Along with the platform awareness growth, our telegram community is steadily growing. This week we crossed the landmark of 8 000 followers! MyWish team is welcoming the new members and hopes our journey will last long.

Have you joined? Do it now!

7. New moderator

Along with the increasing number of new community members joining our Telegram Chat, MyWish found a new moderator! We are excited to Welcome @Lulupink and looking forward to seeing the new winds Lulu will bring to our community.

8. Weekly BuyBack

Last week we made a subtraction of 4,654 WWISH. The balance of 1,388 WWISH will be used this week and the following weeks unless they are finished.

This week the amount of Buyback is 1189 WWISH.

The remaining amount of 199 WISH will be used for the next week and the following liquidity allocation.

Find transaction details on the previous weekly update here:

You can also find the details in the Tokenomics report available in this link:


Users: 39460(+1%)

Contracts: 27533(1.%)

We would like to thank the community for its ongoing support!





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