WISH Tokenomics Introduction 2021

Overview of the biggest tokenomics update

1. Increase total % of revenue for tokenomics from 10% to 20%

  • The first thing we will address is the liquidity of the token. So we’ve decided to reduce the liquidity from PancakeSwap* in favor of Uniswap, as it is more accessible and understandable for our users and new investors.

Scheme of tokens workflow

* Figures are shown schematically to illustrate the example, monthly platform income may vary depending on the market demand.

What you can do to make a project successful

  • Provide Liquidity to one of the most sustainable projects
  • Participate in our referral program
  • Promote the cross-chain bridge and other services we offer
  • Share our company on social networks, get active likes and retweets
  • Also, send your suggestions for the development of the project.

What’s in store for us next?

MyWish continues to grow relentlessly and perform in every direction.


Binance DEX: https://www.binance.org/en/trade/WISH-2D5_BNB



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