MyWish Weekly Report 28/05/2021

This week we are following the stated tokenomics and have added more liquidity.


XDC network was impressed by the simplicity of smart contracts creation on the MyWish Platform and requested integration. We believe that after the release many users will utilize the smart contracts and realize the power of XinFin.

The first release is the creation of a token contract.

Development: 75% completed.

Planned release date: June 9th.

2. WISH direct buy on the site.

We have completed the preparation of Rubic’s widget. The widget will be available on for all users at the beginning of next week. All our partners are welcome to install it too. This widget will provide a simple way to buy WISH for users.

3. Huobi ECO Chain (HECO) blockchain integration.

Huobi ECO Chain (HECO) is a decentralized and open ecology. Decentralized organizations such as developer communities, technology alliances, and ecological alliances have emerged one after another. Preparation for the integration has started.

4. EOS blockchain update.

EOS blockchain integration update has started. EOS switched to a new resource acquisition system called “PowerUP”.

We plan to complete the update by June 2nd.

5. Deflationary tokens

The deflationary token is gaining popularity among our users. We have already received many applications and most of them are in the development phase.

Along with the growing demand for deflationary token creation, we are focused on contract optimization. At the moment MyWish development team have managed to make the following improvements:


MyWish team is happy to see big crypto influencers noticing and featuring our platform in their reviews. We are grateful to Voskcoin for making such an enjoyable platform review that gained over 10,000 views!. We are excited to see our platform awareness growing. Check the Voskcoin video featuring with this link:

2. Weekly BuyBack

Following our Updated tokenomics model, we have made a weekly BuyBack of 3288 WWISH

You can find the transaction details at the link:

3. Liquidity Allocation to Uniswap

Apart from the buyback this week our team has allocated liquidity from Pancakeswap to Uniswap as was mentioned in the Tokenomics update report.

To all the BWISH holders, we would like to announce that nothing happened with your investments since the ratio of 1WISH=1BWISH remains the same. You can still pay with your BWISH on our platform as well as use the Cross-Chain Swap.

In total, 5,647 ETH and 50,000 WWISH were added to Uniswap liquidity.

All the transaction details are available at the following link:

We will keep adding Liquidity to Uniswap monthly according to our new Tokenomics model.
You can find the details in the Tokenomics report available at the following link:

4. The slogan contest is officially over

In total, we have received over 50 submissions! MyWish team is grateful for having such an active and creative community. We are blessed to have you around and we look forward to furthering contests and other engagements. Together, we will bring MyWish to the moon.

We are excited to announce the winning slogan ideas. The best community chosen slogan is “Leading Smart Contract Generator”.

The team voting winner is “Smart Contracts that make your heart beat”

5. Deflationary token explained

With our users in mind, we have released a new explanatory article covering Deflationary Token. The concept of the deflationary token is explained in the article along with the detailed description of MyWish new service. Our users will be able to learn the new optimization options of the deflationary token as well as have a chance to get an idea of what can be done with the MyWish Deflationary token contract.

Read to learn about the deflationary token concept and extensions in deflationary token contract creation. The article available with this link:

6. New community engagement campaign.

The campaign is aimed to reward our active community members for their input in spreading the word about the MyWish platform and help increase awareness about MyWish as a smart contract generator. The participants of the program will have a chance to earn $100 each week for posting MyWish platform-related content. This is also a great chance to spread MyWish referral program promo codes and earn an additional 10% of each contract deployed using it. Get your socials ready and join the campaign! The details will be posted on Medium soon.

7. Google account — pending

Unfortunately, our request has not been approved yet. While the request is still pending we are working on the platform promotion to keep the position of the top smart contract creation platform.

8. Quora paid commercials launched

While our Google Ads account is still pending, our team has been on the look for other promotional means. This week we have launched a promo campaign on Quora. We are excited to see the results and are hoping our google ads account will be unbanned soon.

9. Youtube tutorial 5,000+ views

MyWish token contract creation tutorial views have reached 5,200 views. Along with the growing interest in crypto and increasing platform awareness, our Youtube channel keeps gaining new views and subscribers. MyWish team is excited to see the numbers growing and will keep working hard to keep it that way. Check the contract creation tutorial at the following link:

10. Contracts & Users

Although our Google Ads account update is still pending, the amount of users and contracts is growing. This week the number of MyWish platform registered users has reached 36,460! Along with the increase in our number of users, the number of contracts created on the platform is growing as well and has already exceeded 24,074.

Our team is happy to see how fast the project awareness is growing and we will keep working hard to deliver on our promise.


Users: 36,464
Contracts: 24,077

We would like to thank the community for its ongoing support!






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WISH Cross-chain Swap:

MyWish Airdrop Service:



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