MyWish Weekly Report 04/06/2021

5 min readJun 4, 2021


A new month started this week and the team is excited about the upcoming events. There are many activities to be done along with the new integrations, community building, and platform promotion.


1. EOS contracts — welcome back.

EOS’s PowerUp integration has been completed. EOS is now switched to a new resource acquisition system. You are welcome to create your token on EOS here:

2. New blockchain integration is almost ready.

XDC network integration is 85% complete. The first users of this integration will get the contract with a huge discount to try it and feel the power of the XDC blockchain.

The first release is the creation of a token contract.

Development Status: 85% completed.

Planned release date: June 9th.

3. Heco Chain integration

We have started HECO Chain integration. HECO ecosystem is rapidly growing and we are still holding on to our goal — to be the universal Smart Contract Platform. Development Status: 30% complete.

4. EIP-155 integration

Security is one of our main priorities and we have implemented EIP-155 to prevent replay attacks between different chains.

5. $WISH direct buy on the site.

We have released Rubic’s widget on This widget provides the simplest way to buy WISH for users (and to get a discount on smart contract creation).


  1. We’ve outlined the most popular choices of blockchains among our users in May 2021

As many months before, Binance Smart Chain retains the leading position of MyWish user’s preference for contract creation. The second popular choice is Ethereum, followed by TRON and EOS. There are 2 more blockchains to be integrated in June. Looking forward to seeing how they will affect the choices of MyWish users.

Create your contract now at:

2. New community engagement “Fish some $WISH” campaign

At the beginning of June, MyWish started a new community campaign. It is aimed at rewarding our active community members for their input in spreading the word about the MyWish platform. It will also help to increase awareness about MyWish as a smart contract generator. The participants of the program will have a chance to earn $100 each week for posting MyWish platform-related content.
Find the detailed rules description In the Medium post:

3. MyWish is opening a new communication channel!

This week we launched the MyWish Discord server! With you in mind, we have added various channels on different topics including $WISH discussions, development suggestions, contests, and many more. There are already over 90 members! Join MyWish server through this invite link:

4. MyWish Airdrop service keeps gaining new users.

We have outlined the statistics of 7 days’ use of our token batch sending service. As a result, tokens were distributed to 6800 addresses in total for 7 days. Isn’t it impressive?

Have your tokens sent to multiple addresses with MyWish Airdrop service:

5. Weekly BuyBack and liquidity

If you are following our Weekly reports, you may already notice that the liquidity was allocated from pancake swap to uniswap. We took from PancakeSwap 33,800 WISH and added to uniswap liquidity along with the corresponding amount of ETH (5,6eth). We also added an extra 16,200 WISH in that transaction to be counted in future buybacks. This way, we will subtract the value of this week’s buyback from the extra amount that is already on Uniswap. The amount to be subtracted is 2150 wwish, the next week buyback will also be subtracted from the extras added to UniSwap

Find transaction details on the previous weekly update here:

You can also find the details in the Tokenomics report available in this link:

6. The slogan contest is officially over and the prizes have been distributed to the winners.

Our team is happy to announce that the slogan contest is closed. All the Winners have received their prizes. We are blessed to have you around and we look forward to furthering contests and other engagements.

PS. Don’t forget to join the new “Fish Some Wish Campaign”:

7. Our telegram community keeps growing

This week the number of our telegram community members has reached 6,000!

MyWish team is welcoming all new users. We hope our journey will be exciting and lasts long. Remember, our team is always there for you. Join the chat at the link:

8. Google account — pending

Unfortunately, our request has still not been approved. While the request is pending we are working on the platform promotion to keep the position of being the top smart contract creation platform.

9. Quora paid commercials are ongoing

While our Google Ads account is still pending, our team has been on the look for other promotional means. This week we will continue the promo campaign on Quora. We are looking forward to observing the new promotional tools and defining the most efficient ones. We are also hoping our google ads account will be unbanned soon.

10. Contracts & Users

Although our Google Ads account update is still pending, the amount of users and contracts is growing. This week the number of MyWish platform registered users has exceeded 37,000! Along with the increase in our number of users, the number of contracts created on the platform is growing as well and has already exceeded 24,744.

Our team is happy to see how fast the project awareness is growing and we will keep working hard to deliver on our promise.


Users: 37,050
Contracts: 24,744

We would like to thank the community for its ongoing support!






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