MyWish Weekly Report 02/07/2021

7 min readJul 2, 2021


  1. NEO3 integration

MyWish development team has started the integration of Neo N3.

Neo is one of the speedily growing networks. It gained 243% growth within a year and reached the 38th position in the CoinMarketCap ranking.

The development is 70% complete. The first to be launched is a token contract.

We plan to complete the integration on July 10th.

2. Token contract code update

Thousands of tokens have been created on MyWish and we are constantly updating it to follow the latest improvements. The next update will be on the 2nd of July and will include the latest Open Zeppelin changes.
The development is complete, we are now moving to the testing phase. Stay tuned to keep up with the latest updates.

3. Verification in Polygonscan option added to the Polygon contracts

Along with the transition of the Polygon explorer to Plygonscan, the option of contracts verification became available on this explorer. Thinking of our users, MyWish developers added the option of Polygon contracts verification as an additional service to Token and Crowdsale contracts forms.
No need to spend time and effort trying to verify the source code on your own. Let MyWish handle it for you. Polygon contracts verification is now LIFE on

4. Branded Report is now available for Polygon contracts
Apart from facilitation of code verification of Polygon contracts. MyWish development team has also added the Branded report that can be ordered for any Polygon Token and Crowdsale contract created on MyWish

5. BSC BNB added to the payment method

Another update completed this week is the addition of a new balance replenish option with BSC BNB which is now one of the most popular payment methods. Our users can now refill their balances directly with Binance Smart Chain BNB with no need to exchange their funds to other currencies.

6. Automated Mailing out

Apart from all the technical tasks, our development team has been helping the marketing department with the massive mail out to our users email base. We have withdrawn over 3 000 addresses from the backend and completed an automated mailing out campaign.

7. White label

A new feature will be added to MyWish contracts — White Label. MyWish users will be able add such an option to deploy their contracts from a blank address, with no mentions of MyWish, even in the source code.
The release is planned for July 9


  1. HECO Chain integration

The integration of the HECO Chain to MyWish platform allows making the entrance to the HECO Chain for users and projects more convenient and easy due to the automated contract creation developments on MyWish.

Our team strives to provide the most convenient and easy-to-use service. To make the HECO contract creation easy and accessible for anyone, even to those who are new to the crypto world, MyWish team has made a step-by-step guide about the HECO contract creation.

Check it out at

2. Pricing policy update

Along with the changing crypto market environment and market demand fluctuations, MyWish pricing policy has been reviewed and updated.

The contract’s creation has never been so affordable. Isn’t it the best moment to create your contract at

3. XinFin integration

XinFin promo campaign is proving the increasing interest towards the network. We are planning to keep the campaign going. The integration of the XDC network opens various opportunities for the further expenditure of MyWish as a tooling infrastructure service provider on the network. We are looking forward to see the results of our cooperation

4. Airdrop Service stats June 2021

In June 2021 MyWish Airdrop multisender Service beats the records. The service was used over 60 times and distributed BEP20 tokens to over 31000 addresses. The biggest batches exceeded 1790 addresses/transactions. Isn’t that impressive?

Send your tokens in batches with MyWish airdrop service at

5. Contracts distribution stats

As usual, at the end of the month, our team collects the data of the users’ blockchain preferences for contract creation. June 2021 is a special month for MyWish since 2 blockchains were integrated and we are excited to see the extent of our user’s interest in the new networks. Binance Smart Chain contracts have gained over 50% of contracts created on MyWish and keep retaining the leading position. Find other distributions in the graph below.

Create a contract on your favourite blockchain at

6. NEO N3 integration — grant from Neo

MyWish platform was honored to receive a grant for the Neo N3 integration development as a part of Neo N3 Early Adoption Program. Our team is excited to become the program participant and is looking to see the new opportunities our integration will open for both: the network and the platform. We are excited to enter the Neo N3 ecosystem and the tooling infrastructure and are looking forward to seeing how the new integration will affect platform performance.

6. New Influencer overview

The leading Youtube bloggers and influencers are noticing MyWish platform. The new videos reviews keep appearing on the web. We are excited to share a new Turkish influencer’s Youtube video covering our platform overview that received over 3 500 views. Check the video out at the link:

7. 30 days by volume

MyWish got into the Top 20 Utility Dapps 30 days by volume. We are excited to see that MyWish keeps being included in this rank every month as one of the top volume generators in Polygon and Binance Smart Chain. We will keep working hard to retain our leading position.

8. Referral monthly results

Our team keeps MyWish referral program running! Anyone willing to get a passive income source is welcome to join by filling in the form:

Spread your referral 10$ discount promo code and earn 10% of each contract deployed using your code.

The total amount of contracts deployed with the referral codes was 33 for $16402

Our team distributed over $1640 rewards.
Don’t miss your chance to get what’s yours: register and spread your code around to effortless generate income

9. New Twitter promo campaign

Cross-chain Bridges have proved that our cross-chain solutions are in high demand. We have received dozens of applications and now are looking to extend our marketing efforts to increase the promotion of such a demanded service. Apart from planned press releases and mailing out, this week we have started a Twitter ads campaign. Our team is looking forward to seeing the results and adding more bridges to be added to our portfolio.

10. FISH WISH campaign. Status: closed.

Fish Some WISH campaign is officially over.

MyWish team is grateful to all the participants for their input. The last round of prize distribution is completed. Stay tuned for the new campaigns.

11. Weekly BuyBack and Monthly liquidity

Last week we made a subtraction of 860. The balance of 8,100 WWISH will be used this week and the following weeks unless they are finished.

This week the amount of Buyback is 2058 WWISH.

The remaining amount of 6042 will be used for the next week BuyBack and the following Liquidity Allocation.

Find transaction details on the previous weekly update here:

You can also find the details in the Tokenomics report available in this link:

12. Team members come forward! team is currently looking for an active and communicative person to join our team as a Community Moderator. If you are communicative, polite, and excited about crypto, feel free to contact our marketing team members. We look forward to receiving your CV at


Users: 38885(+1%)

Contracts: 26867(1.%)

We would like to thank the community for its ongoing support!





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