In this report you will find the progress of the week of April 12–16, 2021


1. Several projects are using our bridge now and one more joined.

Decentralization is our focus and we are working on additional steps to make it fully decentralized.

Please fill this form if your project needs a bridge solution also:

2. Along with the growing interest in NFT phenomena, our development team is working on the solution for an advanced NFT creation service.

This article is aimed at informing our users and community about how the cross-chain bridge works, why to wrap tokens, and the use of the new service.


The service is aimed at providing a larger variety of possible operations by increasing connectivity with other blockchains. A Cross-Chain Bridge basically opens a door to other blockchains offering possible larger audiences, investment opportunities, and competitive costs. These are just a few examples of the bridge use, infact, it provides limitless opportunities for both business and personal crypto assets development.

Why do you need a wrapped token?

Simple as it is, people wrap tokens to make them fit other…


1. New option on the platform for token contracts to be introduced:

Soon, users will be able to add liquidity and list immediately after token creation on pancake swap. This development will be completed by April 28.

2. Airdrop service improvement:

Many projects are not ready to pay huge fees for token distribution. For such projects, we will introduce the Merkle Tree Airdrop service where users can claim tokens by themselves.

Development is completed by 40%. The release date is April 30th.

Hello, MyWish friends. Here is our weekly report.


1. More and more projects need bridges from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain (and back) and we continue with bridge development. Several projects are using our bridge now and more to come. Please fill the form if you need a bridge solution also:

  • It was improved and extra protection was introduced: Distributed server structure for minting and tokens sending unit.
  • WalletConnect support was released and many wallets can be used now (not metamask only).
  • Commission-type choice development is in progress. Users can pay commission by tokens or by native currency (ETH…

Smart token distribution to thousands of addresses in batches.
ERC-20 / BEP-20

Airdrop smart contract has been running on since 2018 and hundreds of users have deployed it. During this time, our users have distributed more than $20 million in tokens by generating their smart contracts on our platform.

Now MyWish is launching a new upgraded service that is more efficient.

The new service allows sending of ERC-20 and BEP-20 tokens to multiple addresses without creating a smart contract. Now the Airdrop is faster, cheaper, and more convenient.

You can find the new service available with this link:

What Airdrop is used for

There are dozens of projects launched every day and almost everyone…

Hello, MyWish community! Here the final month of March is a weekly report with our progress.


  1. MyWish cross-chain bridge solution has a good demand. After the Rubic bridge implementation (Ethereum <> Binance Smart Chain) several new projects are in development. Please contact us if you need a bridge solution also:

2. We are receiving feedback from users our airdrop service and are continually making improvements to provide the best product possible. Now support for multiple delimiters in CSV file. Airdrop service development is on-going: TRON integration — development is 80% complete.

3. We have completed the integration of…

Hello, MyWish community! Keep reading what good stuff we did this week.


  1. Airdrop service development is on-going. After Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain support, we have started TRON integration — development is 70% complete.

Please try it now!

2. Referral program development is on-going.

Community members will be able to earn funds from every smart contract deployed using a personal promo code. Users will get discounts also.

The planned release date is March 27th.

3. MyWish providing bridge implementation for various Ethereum tokens. The first project — Rubic (RBC). Cross-chain bridge Ethereum<>Binance Smart Chain — development is 80% complete…

Don’t miss your chance to win a share of a 750$ prize pool!
We are looking forward to seeing how creative our community is.

Dear community,

We are excited to announce that we are launching 👑 MyWish Best Meme Contest!

💰 The prize pool is $750 in WISH tokens

To enter the contest:

1⃣ Follow @mywishplatform on Twitter ( and Telegram( )

2⃣ Like and retweet the pinned post on Twitter

3⃣ Create a Meme (image, GIF, short clip) related to MyWish or Smart Contracts

4⃣ Post a Meme on Twitter with three tags: @mywishplatform, $WISH, #MyWishContest

⏳ The contest duration is 2 weeks: from 22/03/2021 to 04/04/2021
The winners will be announced a week after the contest is closed on April,9 in our Twitter and Telegram accounts.

Hello, MyWish community! We’re here again to tell you about our releases this week. Get in on it!


  1. Airdrop service was released successfully. Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain is supported, TRON to be added soon.

Please try it now!

2. The verification service was updated. Now everyone can request verification in Tronscan for newly created contracts on TRON. Verification is very important due to security reasons and required for Tokens and other contracts.

Hello, the community! Our weekly reporting break lasted longer than usual, during which time we did a good job and made many accomplishments.


  1. WISH token is the fuel of our Platform and it’s our main payment method. New wrapped tokens (based on Ethereum and BSC) added.

2. Verification service was released. Now everyone can request verification in etherscan / bscscan for newly created contracts on MyWish. It costs 50 USDT and we see good traction: more than 10 verification requests during last week.

Vladimir Tikhomirov

CEO MyWish (

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