MyWish Weekly Report 08/07/2022


  1. Near integration to the MyWish platform

👉 Everything you need to know about tokens

  • What’s the difference between tokens, cryptocurrencies, and altcoins
  • Token use cases:
  • Types of tokens
  • Token functions
  • Token standards
  • What airdrops are and why projects do them
  • What the types of airdrops
  • What the process of running an airdrop campaign is from planning to execution.

👉 What is a BEP20 token

  • What is BNB Chain
  • What’s BEP20 token standard
  • How to create a BEP20 token with zero code

👉 Cross-chain bridges

  • What cross-chain bridges are
  • The benefits of connecting blockchains
  • Issues associated with cross-chain bridges
  • Getting started with MyWish cross-chain solutions

👉 How to add a new Network to Metamask

👉 How to add tokens to Metamask




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