MyWish Weekly Report 18/02/2022

4 min readFeb 18, 2022



  1. Solana token info addition request form

To make the user’s experience better, our team is looking to ease the process of adding tokens. This way, we are now in progress of creating info collection forms, where users can add a token description, web page, and social media links as well as the project logo to the token.

Development Status: In progress

2. Seo optimization update
Along with the completed technical landing pages update, our team keeps working on optimization to make MyWish visible to a bigger audience.
This week we have completed all the Tron network pages.
Development Status: 30% complete


  1. Solana Mainnet token creation released

This week we shared the exciting news that MyWish launched Solana Token creation to Mainnet. We are happy to become a part of such a speedily growing ecosystem as Solana and thank our audience for supporting this announcement! Bringing automated smart contract creation to the network would mean an important step forward on the way to massive adoption and allow more projects to enter the crypto world creating a token on Solana blockchain without programming skills.

Start creating your Solana token now at

2. Email Campaign for MyWish registered users in progress.

This week we have started preparations for an email campaign dedicated to reaching all the MyWish registered users. The campaign is dedicated to retargeting the users that have tried smart contract creation on Solana devnet networks. Our team is looking forward to reaching the first users of Solana contract with all the updates and follow-up of the progress MyWish went through in the integration.

Register to the program by creating your first token in Solana testnet from the email login account at:

3. Binance Smart Cain Ecosystem Inclusion

We are honored to receive attention from such a big market player as Binance Smart Chain. Our long-lasting cooperation keeps bringing the results. MyWish team is happy to see our platform mentioned in the BSC ecosystem list as a tooling and infrastructure sector. We are looking to keep building on Binance Smart Chain and retain our position as the leading smart contract.

4. Youtube tutorial over 15,000 views

MyWish token contract creation BEP token creation tutorial views have reached 15,00 views. Along with the growing interest in crypto and increasing platform awareness, our Youtube channel keeps gaining new views and subscribers. MyWish team is excited to see the numbers growing and will keep working hard to keep it that way.

Check the contract creation tutorial at the following link:

5. Search engine optimization

Having received great results after the first round of SEO updates, our team has collected the data of all the pages performance and average positions in the Google queries. We are looking to start adjusting our SEO strategy to optimize the results and work the queries with the biggest traffic to the top 5 positions. Meanwhile, we are excited to represent the results of the past 2 months over the previous period.

6. 47 000 Registered Users on MyWish platform

This week the number of MyWish platform registered users has exceeded 47,000! Along with the increase in our number of users, the number of contracts created on the platform is growing as well and has already exceeded 36,540.

Our team is happy to see how fast the project awareness is growing and we will keep working hard to provide the best experience for the new users.

7. Gitbook page visits over 1000

Our marketing team is excited to see the interest from the crypto community in our useful guides in smart contracts creation and management posted in a newly created gitbook. We are excited to see the results and looking forward to creating more useful content for the community.
Check it out at:

8. Weekly BuyBack

This week’s buyback is 1931 WISH.

The bought back funds are kept in $WWISH at the following address:


Transaction details will be published later.

You can also find the details in the Tokenomics report available in this link:

You can also find the details in the Tokenomics report available in this link:


Users: 47019
Contracts: 36540

We would like to thank the community for its ongoing support!





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