MyWish Weekly Report 15/04/2022


  1. Airdrop service Ropsten network addition

Along with the positive growth of MyWish Airdrop service demand, our team keeps working on the service optimization. Based on one of the most frequent requests from our users we have added a Ropsten network to expand the testing accessibility for our users.

Development Status: Released

2. Cross-Chain Bridge to Solana

Along with the increase of customization of MyWish cross-chain solutions, our team has started working on building the Bridge core to Solana. We are excited to start bridging projects to one of the most demanded by the users networks and looking forward to building our forest bridge there.
Development Status: 10% complete

3. Airdrop to Tron

This week we have completed the Tron network addition to the Airdrop service.
Expansion of networks available and optimization of the existing solutions is one of the major focuses of the MyWish development team along with the cross-chain development. Having received positive feedback from the existing airdrop service users and various requests for the Tron network addition, our team has finally finished the integration and now look forward to providing Tron based projects with a more efficient tool for token distribution.

Status: Shasta Testnet Released
Mainnet Status: 80% complete


  1. New marketing team member

A new social media marketing specialist joined the MyWish team this week! Diana has broad experience in SMM and marketing promotion of crypto projects. We are more than happy to welcome a new team member and hope that our cooperation will bring MyWish social media pages to the next level!

2. 38 000 smart contracts created on MyWish platform

More than 38 000 smart contracts were created on MyWish platform! We are happy that the number of projects that tried our services is constantly growing. Our team is glad to help crypto enthusiasts enter the crypto world and keep working on our no-code solutions to make your wishes come true!

Create your token without coding at

3. MyWish is welcoming a new copywriter

MyWish marketing team is welcoming more than one new member! Elina has joined our department to work on articles and guides for our blog. We are excited to start creating new content together and provide our audience with educational materials!

4. ALGB Airdrop for MyWish holders is coming soon

We are happy to announce that preparations for an Airdrop campaign in collaboration with Algebra Finance are coming to the final stage. ALGB Airdrop for loyal holders of WISH tokens is coming soon. Stay tuned for the details, and get ready to participate!

Follow us on Twitter, so you don’t miss out on the announcement:

5. MyWish promo activities on Twitter

Our team is preparing many promo activities to hold on our Twitter account, hoping to increase brand awareness and boost audience engagement on social media. Stay tuned to have some fun and a chance to win prises!

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6. Airdrop service stats

This week’s stats are more than impressive! Tokens were sent to 12803 addresses. The biggest batches were 910, 461, 450, 551, and 452. We are proud to see the numbers growing week by week and hope that our recent airdrop updates will help us to keep this tendency.

Send your tokens in batches at

7. Weekly BuyBack

This week’s buyback is 962 WISH.

Tx details:


We have also added liquidity from the buy back of 7494 WWISH collected in 11/03–15/04 time frame

You can find the transaction details at

The bought back funds are kept in $WWISH at the following address: 0x97f95242E27218Ea6a265239Ba04BC26F31DB0a4.

You can also find the details in the Tokenomics report available in this link:


Users: 48302
Contracts: 38125

We would like to thank the community for its ongoing support!





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WISH Cross-chain Swap:

MyWish Airdrop Service:



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