MyWish Weekly Report 10/12/2021


  1. Near Blockchain Integration.
    Striving to become the leading smart contract generation platform, MyWish team is working on increasing the variability of blockchain available for our users. Our automated smart contracts creation solution has proven to be appealing for new networks as an infrastructure tool facilitating the expenditure of the growing ecosystems by blurring the barrier for entrance. Our solution attracted attention from such an innovative and fast-growing network as Near and received grant approval for integration. Today, Near network has won the position of top 50 in Coingecko rank by the market capitalization. Our team has started the estimation and preparations for the integration to the platform. The first contract to be developed for the Near protocol is the Token contract.
    Status: Preparation stage in progress.

2. New landing page in development.

Along with the increasing interest in MyWish cross-chain solutions, our development team is working together with the marketing department on making the core and concept of the service accessible and understandable for MyWish users. This way, we have started the development of a new landing page, that will describe all the beneficial and attractive sides of MyWish Cross-Chain Solutions as well as shed light on the way cross-chain bridges work.
Development Status: 40% complete

Estimated end of development: 16/12

3. SEO optimization
Our team keeps working on platform optimization. This week we have completed web page loading time optimization which allowed us to decrease the loading time by 2 times. While technical SEO optimization is ongoing, the team is excited to increase not only the level of platform efficiency but also the extent of search engine indexation

Status: 60% complete

4. Solana Mainnet

Having launched automated smart contracts creation in Solana’s testnet, the MyWish team had no doubt in the demand for automated smart contracts creation in Solana and the potential of high performance and positive results of the integration.

There have been over 300 contracts created in Solana testnet science launch on MyWish. Such high performance of the integration in the early stage is truly inspiring and encouraging. MyWish development team is moving forward with the mainnet integration.

Development Status: Development 100% complete
Testing in progress
Planned release date: 30/12

Start creating your token in Solana testnet now at:

5. MyWish Cross-Chain Solutions

Along with a high demand for MyWish cross-chain solutions, our team keeps working to increase development efficiency.
This week we have started the automatization of the backend deployment. The new improvement will allow us to increase bridge deployment and testing efficiency by 40%

Development Status: 100% complete


  1. Last chance to participate in MyWish Meme contest vol. 2

To celebrate the launch of MyWish token generation tool to Solana Mainnet, we announced a Meme contest with a prize pool of $1000. The 10 most creative members of our community will get generous rewards. The contest ends on Monday, so you still have a chance to compete and be creative!

See the details by the link:

2. 45 000 users registered on MyWish platform

We are happy to share that more than 45 000 users have registered on MyWish platform to try the best no-coding solutions on the market.

Try the leading smart contract generator to start your crypto journey at

3. MyWish banner at

We are excited to share our new banner advertising demonstrated on MyWish team is eager to test new marketing channels and increase brand awareness among the crypto community.

Visit the explorer:

4. More marketing activities are coming

MyWish marketing team stays in constant search of new marketing opportunities. Right now we are planning an activity which will be held this month. Stay tuned for the updates and prepare to learn more about the project!

Follow our Twitter account to stay on track with:

5. MyWish is starting to work with NEAR protocol

We are excited to share that the Near Grants Committee has discovered the potential of the integration and power of MyWish! This week we got in touch with NEAR representatives to discuss the details of the upcoming integration. Stay tuned for updates! Our team would be more than happy to contribute to the Near blockchain getting towards our goal of blockchain adoption.

6. Weekly BuyBack

This week the amount of Buyback is 2422 WISH.

The bought back funds are kept in $WWISH at the following address:


Transaction details will be published later.

You can also find the details in the Tokenomics report available in this link:


Users: 45011
Contracts: 33888

We would like to thank the community for its ongoing support!





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