MyWish Weekly Report 09/09/2021

5 min readSep 10, 2021


  1. New features estimation

This week our team has started a big overview of all the ideas we have over the last 6 months and are looking to estimate them in terms of technical aspects and development priorities to present our community with the roadmap for the rest of the year 2021. The new features to be added to our development schedule will touch all the platform’s services: automated and custom including platform optimization, airdrop service update as well as the optimization of the cross-chain solution.

Stay tuned for the update.

2. Quarashi Bridge

Bridge development for the Quarashi token is in process. A new bridge to be built by the MyWish development team will connect Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks allowing users to swap their tokens back and forth.

Status: 100% complete


3. XDC Cross-Chain Bridge

Our team is now adding another parameter to the swaps at the network’s request.

Status: Start of the new feature development.


  1. Rubic Airdrop is officially closed.

This week MyWish team has conducted the final Rubic Airdrop distribution for MyWish holders. As announced before, no other rounds would take place and all those holders who were late with the airdrop claim will be considered ineligible.

Our team has finished such a long-lasting campaign to prepare a new and more exciting program to reward our holders. We are now in the planning and negotiation process. Stay tuned to catch up with the upcoming announcement.

Join our Telegram group for the update:

2. Full gas cash back for buying WISH with Rubic cross-chain routing.

Having a strong partnership connection with Rubic, we are continuing our cooperation and keep getting beneficial terms for WISH token trade.

MyWish team is excited to announce that as a part of a partnership, Rubic will provide FULL GAS CASHBACK for users who will buy $WWISH through Cross-Chain Routing at

Find the details at the link:

3. Cross-Chain preferabilities among Twitter community

As you may recall, MyWish SMM team has been running a poll to collect the most preferable choices of networks in the harsh times of outrageously high Ethereum gas prices among the Twitter crypto community.

The poll was aimed to outline the networks to increase the emphasis for the cross-chain bridges promotion as well as to define potential integration candidates.

4. Networks ecosystems residence

We are honored to receive attention from such a big market player as Binance Smart Chain. Our long-lasting cooperation keeps bringing the results. MyWish team is happy to see our platform mentioned in the BSC ecosystem list as a tooling and infrastructure sector. We are looking to keep building on Binance Smart Chain and retain our position as the leading smart contract creator.

5. Airdrop Multisender service keeps being on demand.

This week tokens have been distributed to over 4000 addresses with the MyWish multisender tool. The biggest batches exceeded 1000 addresses per transaction.

6. MyWish is welcoming a new member to join our team.

This week we are welcoming a new team member to join our Marketing team. Meet Tatiana, a new social media marketing specialist. We are looking for productive cooperation and hope our journey will bring the platform recognition to a new level. The new specialist has a broad experience in SMM and a profound background in PR and marketing.

7. Competitors analysis

Along with the fast-growing DeFi sector, there are more and more crypto assets management tools appearing on the market. Such a tendency is proving the market demand and boosts growth and development. Our team is always interested in innovative ideas and possible shifts in development. Therefore, we do regularly conduct benchmarking research to see where the market is moving and what we have in the SWOT cap.

We also did a comparison table for our community to go through. Check the details in the image below

8. The amount of users registered has passes the milestone if 41 000

Our team is excited to welcome all the new users joining the team and looking forward to providing them all with the best experience in using MyWish tools.

9. Weekly BuyBack

This week the amount of Buyback is 4445 WWISH.

The bought back funds are kept in $WWISH at the following address: 0x97f95242E27218Ea6a265239Ba04BC26F31DB0a4.

Find the transaction details at

You can also find the details in the Tokenomics report available in this link:


Users: 41082(+1%)

Contracts: 29320(1%)

We would like to thank the community for its ongoing support!





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