Why WISH holders win without trying. Distribution of the EOS Token to all WISH holders.

4 min readSep 22, 2018

On the 12th of September, something great was announced. The MyWish Smart Contract Platform launched an important project dedicated to the EOS Blockchain. Meet the EOSISH Token, which has been specially created to abandon the unfortunate practice of paying for EOS blockchain utilization in ERC20 tokens. Now is the time for a new generation of EOS Smart Contracts which are deployed by paying equally in EOSISH tokens.

A little background

Before the MyWish Smart Contract Platform decided to focus on EOS development, there were already many Blockchains out there worth using and telling the World about. MyWish, as a strong believer in cryptocurrency, wanted to give every existing Blockchain platform a chance to support Smart Contracts. MyWish put out a statement that it’s our mission since then. We had partnered with RSK and released the World first Smart Contract for Bitcoin holders. The 2-Way-Peg technology that was used as a foundation helped us make it real for the first time in the history of Smart Contracts. Then we did a great job by working on the Smart Contract for NEO Platform.

All of the Smart Contracts that we provide Blockchain platforms with are ready to use. Our strong team of developers tests every single Сontract for possible mistakes, and only then makes an official release. There’s no need to mention that the code for Smart Contract is one of the most complex things in programming, which is exactly why you won’t find many options which suggest the use of a Smart Contract.

Step by step

Last month, August 2018, MyWish made it possible for anyone interested to create their own EOS account without searching for a middleman on the side. Nobody could give any guarantees, so some of them ended up being complete flakes. Therefore, we created a service that takes 5 minutes to get your personal EOS account without a hint of risk.

We have developed a great product and we are the first in this market who find the necessary solutions to bring change. However, our community is still not as big as we envision it. That’s why we need EOS to support us in this journey.


EOSISH is the result of a massive airdrop program when EOS Token holders received 40%, just like the WISH Token holders.

WISH holders have the best offer — 1 EOSISH for 1 WISH.

EOS holders have to hold at least 100 EOS and will get 2 EOSISH for every 100 EOS (For example, 102 EOS = 2.04 EOSISH).


  1. What will WISH holders receive? At the time of the Airdrop, WISH holders will discover EOSISH tokens in their crypto wallets or their EOS accounts. They can sell them on stock afterward or use these tokens for their intended purpose — to create Smart Contracts on EOS blockchain.
  2. Why can’t I use the WISH token as a way to pay for any smart activity on EOS blockchain? Frankly, we faced an obstacle here, as larger and significant projects don’t support tokens which were created on any other blockchain platform. Now, by creating the EOSISH token on the EOS blockchain, we put out a serious statement about our unconditional determination to develop things for their ecosystem.
  3. Do I have to expect that the WISH token will collapse in value after the Airdrop? No, that’s not even 1% true. In terms of the current economic model, the WISH Token still works as fuel for the MyWish Smart Contract Platform. This platform is used for Smart Contracts creation on Ethereum, Bitcoin (RSK), NEO. According to the statistics, at the moment Smart Contracts based on these blockchains are the most popular ones.
  4. How can I benefit to the maximum with my WISH tokens? All WISH holders without any exception will receive a detailed instruction regarding Bounty campaigns. This way they will find out how to get as many EOSISH as possible. We encourage you to participate in our new Turbo Bounty Campaign!
  5. How do you receive your EOSISH Tokens after the official Airdrop campaign? To receive your EOSISH Tokens you have to have your actual EOS account. If you do not have one then please follow the link to get it in less than 5 minutes. We need you to verify your connection between 2 accounts — your EOS account and the ETH account where you keep WISH Tokens. Detailed instructions are here.
  6. Can I receive EOSISH Tokens if I do not have an EOS account at the moment of the Airdrop campaign? Yes, you definitely can. You will have 3 months to create an EOS account and then get your well-deserved EOSISH Tokens.

Welcome the new EOSISH Token to our WISH family.

Here we answer your questions frankly. If you need more details or have any other new questions, it’s beyond any shadow of a doubt, that we are always here for our loyal users. Feel free to ask!