Greetings from the MyWish Team!


  1. Our Investment Pool Contract was successfully released before the planned date.

This contract was requested many times, and we expect that many users will like it.

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Fixed cost (independent of pool size, amount of contributors): 2 ETH.

Please read the latest article about it:

2. EOS integration has started. Development status: 7% completed. EOS infrastructure is very young — lack of the tools for development & usage.

MyWish will definitely be the first contract builder for EOS.


  • This week, we have faced the ban from Google. It’s politics blocks ads for cryptocurrencies and related content: “Examples: Ads for initial coin offerings, ads promoting the purchase or sale of cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency wallets, cryptocurrency trading advice, cryptocurrency , trading signals or investment advice; aggregators or affiliate sites containing related content or broker reviews…” In saying that, our PPC manager has already coped with advertising campaigns for tokens and crowdsale contracts. The CTR is 0,91 %. He is now working on our Airdrop and Investment Pool Contracts.
  • We have developed the promotion strategy for the Investment Pool Contract. Particularly, we have defined the channels: Google Ads, Youtube, Twitter, Reddit, Bitcoin Talk, Steemit, Golos, Telegram. Also, we’ll target the audiences of, Tokenator, Crypto Capital, Crush Crypto Core, etc. In addition, we’ll find all articles dedicated to the creation of ICO pools and will leave comments about the possibility of creating these contracts without coding on the MyWish Platform. Moreover, together with our PR department we have defined article topics for the promotion of the Investment Pool Contract. The first one will be about the comparison of MyWish & Prima Block.
  • One other article including an interview with Vladimir was published on Blockchain News.
  • MyWish and NEO Teams have conducted Skype conferences dedicated to integration. The discussed issues were the price of gas for contract deployment and marketing.
  • We have negotiated with some projects whose activity connects with the creation of ICO pools.
  • Vladimir was invited to speak at the conference “Investing in Blockchain and FinTech” organised by Adam Smith Conferences. This conference will be on the 11th and 12th of October in London.
  • Negotiations with Lindsay Lohan are ongoing. Last week, we sent the detailed offer to her.
  • Thanks to one of our ambassadors, MyWish will be presented at an event in Florida. Currently, we are choosing from a list of events.
  • Also, our lovely ambassador, Melissa, has written an amazing article about MyWish and the ICO Pool Contract, which is available on the MyWish Platform. Please read it on her Medium account. We would be grateful if you share this interesting content with your friends through your social network accounts. It will allow for MyWish to become better known and the WISH token to become more popular.

Weekly statistics

Users: 3158 (+ 5%)

Contracts: 1571 (+ 9%)

We would like to thank the community for the continuous support.





Bancor Network:

Ether/Fork delta:!/trade/WISH-ETH


Thank you,


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