Greetings from MyWish Team!


  • NEO-integration completion: 54%. Planned release date is 30th of May.

Contract NEP-5 template is ready:

  • Platform entry process was simplified and access problems from some countries were fixed. Source codes for free version were hidden.
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The latest version is here:


No news so far. We continue talking to the big ones (bitfinex, binance, kucoin). Daily volume is one of the key factors for listing.


  • We have updated our site and appreciated your useful feedback. Without doubts we will continue to improve it.
  • Our representatives will participate in Consensus on 14–16th of May. We expect to acquire new strategic partners there.
  • On the 7th of May Vladimir was interviewed by a representative of the Blockchain Week in Moscow. In about 3 weeks they will release the video interview. We hope that it will be interesting and that we will be able to use it for marketing purposes.
  • News BTC publication about RSK & MyWish:
  • We have come to recognize that a lot of our clients are Japanese. Therefore, we will translate our site and platform into Japanese.
  • Besides, we are looking for representatives in different countries to develop MyWish. If you have a desire to be a part of our team, you are welcome!
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  • We resumed the advertising campaign in search engines and social networks. Google moderates our ads again. Facebook and Twitter continue working as before.
  • On the 7th of May we met with our PR department. The aims of this meeting were the correction of PR campaign and discussing the business development (new possible partnerships).
  • MyWish was identified as one of the useful blockchain applications here. We are grateful for the attention.

Weekly statistics

Users: 2111 (+ 5%)

Contracts: 531(+ 14%)

We would like to thank the Community for the continuous support.





Bancor Network:

Ether/Fork delta:!/trade/WISH-ETH


Thank you,


CEO MyWish (

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