Status report 03/31

Hello everyone!

Here is our status report. Despite the COVID-19 Mywish team continues work (remotely, from home).


2. We have implemented many changes to Token Protector:

  • now users can add tokens later, so it’s much easier to create the contract.
  • “USE CUSTOM ADDRESS” function added — no need to enter Ethereum address to see how it works.
  • MEW support added (users can use Trezor and many others wallets)
  • Facebook & Google login were implemented

3. New mechanic for token protector (transfer if no output transactions during X months) is in progress. BTC support research is in progress.

4. DucatusX blockchain was fully supported and users can create smart contracts there (thanks to MyWish technology).

5. Elshan (Blockchain Architect) joined our team. Elshan has great experience in DAPP and stable coins development. He is focusing on new blockchains integrations and bitcoin support for Token Protector. He’s also blockchain architect at Ventuary Lab.


  1. Olya Kulakova joined our team as Marketing Manager and you can see the first results of her work: landings, articles, PR & communication. Please feel free to contact her in Telegram if you have any ideas.

3. Published an article on what a Token Protector is and how it works.
Read here:

4. Preparing a portal with all-absorbing information on crypto wills, where everybody can find out how to set up or inherit cryptocurrency.

5. Updated the banners and run Google Ads

6. Launched a program to spread the MyWish flow to the Latin American market. We have found Ambassadors, who will represent our interests for the Spanish-speaking audience, and are discussing the next steps. Something interesting is being prepared, the details are coming up soon.

7. Increasing the information field by mentioning our smart contracts.
We ask our subscribers also to tell about us, to share in social networks.

8. Crypto journalists who are dealing with digital asset protection issues are being contacted. In the near future, expect a useful new publication from the media.

9. Reviewed and updated the marketing strategy for new contracts: Token Protector and Crypto Will. Got feedback from the users and we’re changing for the better.

10. Statistic for contracts created in the main net (since the last report):

11. Statistic for frozen tokens:


Contracts: 7815(+6%)

We would like to thank the community for ongoing support.



Binance DEX:



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