Greetings from MyWish Team,

Here is our weekly report.


  • RSK successfully launched in a test environment.
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  • We have released Facebook/Google sign-up. Now our clients have ability to register easy. We take care about them and we do everything possible to make our service more convenient for users.
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The next release is planned on 26th of March (Token contract, ERC-223 support, Promo codes, RSK integration continuation).


  • Agrello — we are testing the possibilities of integration with Agrello.
  • Here are new projects that have created their contract on MyWish platform:
  • — they have already started Crowdsale that ends in 67 days.
  • — their ICO starts March, 15.


  • — we are proud that 24h volume for WISH trading has increased to 500. 000 USD (thanks to bonus program for new coins).
  • KuCoin — negotiations are ongoing.


  • We have provided all MyWish accounts in all social media networks with overall look and single style in order to be more successfully stored in the subconscious of our potential consumers.
  • We have analyzed user-flow from advertisement in MyWish platform and have made a custom path. This information allows us to correct marketing campaign and to increase level of conversion from a potential client into a real one.

The next weekly report is planned on 22nd of March (due to National holidays).

Weekly statistic

5139 users (+9% since last update).

We would like to thank the Community for the continuous support.




Bancor Network:



Thank you,


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CEO MyWish (

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