Hello everyone!

Here is our weekly development status.

The main achievement of this week — the first official release of MyWill platform.

What have been done:

  1. New design integration (Do you like it? Please leave your comments)
  2. Authorization/Registration/Password recovery
  3. Contract configuraton
  4. Cost of contract calculation
  5. Payment module — (we generate accounts for every contract and scan Ethereum network for needed transaction by ourselves)
  6. Deployment of the contract
  7. Contract status module
  8. Contract checking system ver.1 — now we are checking contracts by ourselves, there is no possibility to check contracts by others

Please check it out: https://contracts.mywillplatform.io/

Please also pay attention that it’s pre-release version and final tests are not completed yet!

Plans for the next week:

  1. Code refactoring for checking system
  2. ICO contract preparation & deployment.

Stay tuned!

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Written by

CEO MyWish (mywish.io)

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