Token sale — Done! Cap reached

MyWish Token sale successfully completed!

We would like to express our gratitude to the community for supporting our project! Our token sale was a success.

MyWish is a platform for creating solutions for life, and the token sale has just finished.

As a result, the project collected the long-awaited hard cap.

The MyWish team is grateful for the support and trust provided by the community, and is actively preparing for the implementation of all the project development plans announced earlier.

The project prioritises product development over marketing noise, and therefore MyWish reached its maximum coverage by the end of the crowdsale.

MyWish team will make every effort to ensure that all product developments are implemented in accordance with the roadmap.

WISH tokens will become transferable on 26th of November.

We are currently negotiating with a number of exchanges, such as Kucoin, ED, Cryptopia, and we will soon update our community on the results.

On Tuesday, November 28th, we will hold an internal team planning meeting to confirm the roadmap and set all required milestones. Plans will be published by the 4th of December.

There are already 4 types of contracts on MyWish platform: Wedding contract, Lost key contract, Will contract, Deferred payment. 850+ users are using the service and 200+ contracts have been created. Firms approach us to write Smart Contracts for their ICOs. There are also a number of B2B projects that we are working on right now. A lot of exciting developments — and sure more will come! Stay tuned.

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CEO MyWish (

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