• Migration of the native token WISH to Binance Chain completed. WISH BEP-2 is traded on Binance DEX. Applied for a listing on
  • Integration with Binance Smart Chain. — the first platform offers smart contracts on BSC. The number of BSC contracts created through the MyWish platform has reached 600. We expect to reach 5,000 contracts in 2021 due to the popularity of this blockchain.
  • has partnered with the OKEx exchange: accessible smart contracts building on OKChain. The implementation of the plan is expected next year.
  • The Deploy address of MyWish verified on Etherscan. We are now officially recognized Deployer.
  • We expanded the MyWish Ambassador Program, and now we have representatives in Latin American countries. In this regard, the service was localized into Spanish.
  • Partnering and supporting the new project — Rubic Multichain DeFi Platform.Where our users can list and trade their created tokens and generate revenue. Bonus RBC Airdrop for WISH holders, that will continue in 2021.
  • Won a grant and $4,000 to develop the creation of smart contracts on the Matic.Network. Now our users have an 8th blockchain to choose from to create their own token.
  • Implemented a fundamentally new approach to protecting your crypto-savings — Token Protector provides decentralized protection to restore tokens to your backup wallet. In case you missed it read how it helps you:
    7 reasons to create a Token Protector smart contract
  • Listing service for created tokens on Uniswap, now you can start trading much faster immediately after creating a token on the MyWish platform. The same feature is available for EOS user as well, for them the listing takes place on
  • As part of the extension of the platform functionality, listing options have been added for token creation and contract security checks — Brand Report.
  • We’re going into the end of the year with the addition of the Verify Your Tokens service in the appropriate scanners. Look for it on the service as early as January 2021.
  • A ready-to-use solution for creating smart contracts on the Matic blockchain
  • A fast-growing and innovative infrastructure for deploying Token, Crowdsale and Airdrop contracts without coding in the Binance Smart Chain network.
  • At the beginning of the year, founder Vladimir answered the question What to do with the tokens in the wallet if private keys are lost in a video interview in Russian. Watch here
  • Vladimir CEO MyWish talked about smart contracts and DeFi at a conference in Budapest in February, when the borders were open.
  • On July 13, the MyWish project celebrated its 3-year birthday. In honor of this, we published an awesome infographic and held a contest with a prize.
  • Our ambassadors in Latin America have achieved 20 publications in the Spanish media, one of which is Cointelegraph. They also gave a video interview as MyWish representatives to the Mexican media.
  • In total, this year we were mentioned in the crypto media more than 30 times, we wrote 22 articles for you on our official Medium channel and hundreds of posts in social networks and we always welcome likes and reposts from you.




The Leading Smart Contracts Generator

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The Leading Smart Contracts Generator

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