MyWish Pre-ICO raised $220k during the pre-ICO, 170% of cap. Now, MyWish is preparing for the ICO, which will start on October, 25. Join the telegram group for more information:

Hello, everyone!

We would like to clarify one important moment. MyWill project is sometimes described as a smart-contract library but it’s not completely right. Why? Because library is simply a list of available resources held together.

However, MyWill team does not only checks contracts that will be used in the future, but also implements them into our systems, such as Joule contract evocation system, development and verification series and so on. Therefore, the contracts become unified and elaborated. Also we granted an open access to the third-party developers and expect more contracts to work with.

Another feature that deserves mentioning is a seamless contract customization for any user. You don’t need to have programmer experience if you need a smart contract for your particular situation. Sign in, make up your own settings and get the result.

As simple as that.

All of it is possible because MyWill operates as a high-grade blockchain platform, not just another contract library.

MyWish ICO is scheduled for October, 25. Join the discussion at

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