The MyWish pivot — rebranding and other news!

MyWish Pre-ICO raised $220k during the pre-ICO, 170% of cap. Now, MyWish is preparing for the ICO, which will start on October, 25. Official site: Join the telegram group for more information:

The blockchain industry is changing rapidly and our team is keeping up! MyWill started off as a practical solution to a vital problem every cryptocurrency owner faces — the risk of losing access to his funds if certain life events occur.

But when we started developing smart contracts for securing crypto assets, we realized that there was much wider market opportunity. Cryptocurrencies are the reality already, but there are no established crypto asset management practices which we are used to in the fiat world, like automatic payouts, wedding contracts, etc. As crypto is becoming a more prevalent part of our everyday lives, the need arises for regular people, not only developers, to be able to manage it in a convenient way. And that’s where smart contracts are coming into play. So, we realized there was a need for a user friendly full cycle solution that allowed creating, deploying, invoking and executing smart contracts.

What does it mean — a full cycle solution for smart contracts? While working on Last Will smart contract, we faced the Ethereum inherent restriction: a smart contract cannot call itself. An external call is needed for your smart contract to be activated. So our team created contract invocation system based on a decentralized solution, making MyWill a robust platform among other blockchain based technologies.

We were lucky to have our advisors on board who helped us to realize that we had so much more to offer to the market. You could say that was our “aha moment” when we discovered that our project has evolved to the more extensive and mature solution, and it was time for rebranding!

Did you know what Android, Pinterest, Twitter and Groupon had in common? They all have launched their business doing something VERY different from what they are famous for today! They have always been customer oriented, sensitive to the market opportunities, and they have made their pivot when the moment was right. And now we’re doing ours! We are very grateful to you for being with us through all the turbulent times. Now we are ready to accelerate our blockchain journey under MyWish brandname, offering the market a scalable solution for creating, checking, implementing, calling and executing user smart contracts for any of your wishes that technically can be released through the smart contract logics.

Of course, we’ve changed the URL’s of all our communities, so check out:









Best Wishes,

Vladimir Tikhomirov,

MyWish (Ex-MyWill) CEO.

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MyWish ICO is scheduled for October, 25. Join the discussion at

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