Test Net (Ropsten) support added

Greetings from MyWish Team,

Users of our platform constantly ask us questions about how the contract looks after its creation, how to get the source code of the contract, how to verify it on Etherscan and so on. Ethereum has a test net where it is possible to test the created contract: to understand how it works, how it is in keeping with the stated requirements. At the same time, all operations in the Ethereum Test Net are free including the creation of contracts.

Now MyWish supports the Ethereum Test Net (Ropsten). So, the user who creates the contract on MyWish can test it for free in the Ethereum Test Net. It gives him the opportunity to try out his creations for free before taking them to production.

Moreover, the new users of MyWish are able to try this constructor of smart contract, to assess it’s functional and workability.

Please try it now. It’s free: https://contracts.mywish.io/dashboard/create

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Best Wishes,

MyWish Team

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