Status Report 12/28

Hello everyone! Here is our December status report.

Our team will be on holiday from the 31st of December till the 11th of January. Our technical support will be online during the holidays.


2. Verification option (Etherscan, BSCscan, Tronsan) is added in the form of additional purchases and available while token creation, so we have reworked the service bill UI to make the cost of each utility clear. Front end completion: 80%, Backend: 20%. Planned release date: the 26th of January.

3. Bridge development for the WISH token is on-going. Our goal is to have wrapped WISH on Ethereum / Binance Smart Chain.

Planned Release Date: 29th of January.

4. We thank MyWish supporters and distribute RUBIC tokens to WISH BEP-2 holders. More than 550,000 RBC were sent already. Please apply for getting airdrop here:


2. MyWish won a $1,500 grant to help develop and promote our platform, thanks to the implementation of smart contracts on the Matic blockchain.

Anyone can contribute a grant to our project here:

3. As part of the program of renewing the site according to present-day standards, we have updated the news section, and now they will appear automatically after publication so that you are always aware of MyWish activities.

4. The local newspaper interviewed Vladimir, the founder, about the situation in the blockchain technology market in Russia. You can see the text in Russian at the following link:

5. Successfully distributed the first set of RBC tokens as part of the Rubic Airdrop for WISH holders. If you haven’t received your tokens, please see our instructions below closely.
How to participate in RBC token Airdrop for WISH holders

6. The number of tokens created on Binance Smart Chain tends to space and has already exceeded 300 contracts, which only proves the growing popularity of BSC.

7. The Platform was included in the published list of technology solutions for the Binance Smart Chain in the Infrastructure section.

8. We’ve compiled all of our accomplishments for you in numbers and events, and we’ll soon share the results of this challenging 2020 year. Stay tuned!

9. Statistic for contracts created in the main net (since the last report):

10. Statistic for frozen tokens:


Users: 16576(+6%)
Contracts: 13014(+9%)

We would like to thank the community for ongoing support.



Binance DEX:



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