Status report 10/27

Hello everyone! Here is our October status report.

This month we see a declining number of paid contracts because of Google Ad ban. Despite this a lot of positive news: good demand for contracts on Binance Smart Chain, grant from Matic and new services introduction.


1. We have received a grant from the Matic blockchain and we have already made great progress in supporting the Matic blockchain. Now we are testing it and it will be introduced in November.

2. Сode refactoring has been finished, we have updated interaction with Infura’s service, and thus have reduced the delays while working with blockchain data.

3. We have noticed a great interest in Binance Chain as there are already more than 200 created contracts and this number is constantly growing, so we have created a Binance landing page and recorded a Binance token contract creation tutorial. See for more details.

4. We have 2 ideas for airdrop contracts refactoring that will make airdrop cheaper, simpler, and more efficient. It will allow us to become a strong competitor for a It will be introduced in November, so stay tuned!


  1. We are changing and getting better every day. By increasing the usefulness of the platform, we also keep an eye on visual updates.That’s why the visual content redesign on the main website starts.
  2. 200+ Binance Tokens
    Confirming the Binance popularity, the number of tokens created on Binance Smart Chain thanks to MyWish is already 230.

The news of 200+ contracts was reposted on Binance’s official Twitter account.

4. Binance Token Landing

Due to BSC integration, we noticed some activity in Binance-based token creation, so we launched the landing page for new users to make it even easier for them to understand how it works.

5. Applied for a listing on Binance.
We have always supported Binance and have worked to get on their exchange. Have filled out a listing application and are awaiting a response.
We really need your support more than ever. Please follow the link and place your likes on the fixed tweet and leave your comment why we are worthy to be listed on Binance. It really will change everything!

6. Integration with Matic.Network is being prepared, it means everyone can create Matic-based tokens and start a crowdsale. This will be the 7th blockchain in the bank of our service. Such a multichain platform you have not yet seen. The release will be announced later, follow the announcements.

7. RBC Airdrop for Wish Holders
We decided to encourage our holders, who are always with us and agreed to award RBC tokens under special conditions, read more in the article:
RBC Airdrop for WISH Holders. Hello MyWish Friends! | by Vladimir Tikhomirov | Oct, 2020

8. Problems with Google ads.
This month we encountered an ubiquitous block of our advertising with google algorithms. While we are dealing with this issue, we are trying new sites for advertising.

Have launched an advertising campaign on, we are waiting for the first results.

9. Expanding the functionality of the platform, we develop additional services for your smart contracts such as EtherScan Verification, listing help, external audit and so on.

10. Within the announced redesign of the main pages of the head site, the next in line TRON Token. Spoiler: it will be red.

11. Statistic for contracts created in the main net (since the last report):

12. Statistic for frozen tokens:


Users: 14834(+6%)

Contracts: 11467(+7%)

We would like to thank the community for ongoing support.



Binance DEX:



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