Hello everyone!

Here is our July status report.


  1. Integration of OKB token is completed. The next step is the integration of OKChain to the MyWish platform to facilitate the usage of the OKChain via natively adjusted smart contract templates.

2. Elaboration of a new direction for MyWish: defi.mywish.io — hope to release the first product in 6 weeks.

3. We have added Social sharing buttons inside the platform — now users can share created contract and get some rewards from MyWish (coming soon)

4. Deployment module was refactored due to increased gas fees. Now contract creation works as fast as possible.

5. The payment system was changed due to update rates in real-time. Now users pay the exact amount needed.


  1. In July we celebrated the anniversary of MyWish, the leading smart contract platform, which turned 3 years old.
  2. It was a festival week on social networks. We have collected for the community all our achievements in infographics.

4. Held #MyWish3years contest among MyWish platform users, the main condition of which was the creation of smart contracts. Raffled off and awarded the winners of 3,000 WISH tokens as the main prize.

5. We announced about our partnership with OKEx, our tweet collected a record number of likes, don’t forget to give likes too, it’s important for us.

6. Published an article about the details of the partnership.
Read now: https://medium.com/@VladimirTikhomirov/mywish-partners-with-okex-exchange-e3d99a64b78

7. We have launched new advertising banners, which will bring us new customers who want to create and trade their own token. It is easier than ever.

8. The search for an ambassadorship in Brazil continues, thanks for your feedback on the vacancy, we are considering candidates.

9. Recorded and added video tutorial on how to create a Binance Smart Contract.

Watch now: https://youtu.be/h7niE8hMbt0

10. Statistic for contracts created in the main net (since the last report):

11. Statistic for frozen tokens:


Users: 11743(+4%)

Contracts: 8955(+4%)

We would like to thank the community for ongoing support.

MyWish: https://contracts.mywish.io

CMC: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/mywish/

Binance DEX: https://www.binance.org/en/trade/WISH-2D5_BNB

Written by

CEO MyWish (mywish.io)

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