Smart Contracts run the Crypto World. Now it’s time for the Neo Smart Contract.

The World of Cryptocurrency was never a static phenomenon. Unlike our daily reality, it strives to the greatest possible usefulness and complete utilization of tokens powered by Blockchain technology. Smart Contracts become more available day by day, people with different crypto belief can find their personal way to secure their investments.

Neo, is an open Network for Smart Economy, makes it possible to create Smart Contract written in C#, Java and Python programming languages. It can’t be denied that this feature is pretty unique and admirable. But what if there are people out there who aren’t capable of programming or just simply don’t have time for a complex coding? MyWish Smart Contract Platform integrated the main principles of Neo to make Neo Token Smart Contract real, understandable and affordable for those who are interested. From now on Neo with the help of MyWish is providing you with the most reliable and secure ready for use Token Smart Contracts.

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NEO combines the structure of transactions and blocks of Bitcoin, PoS consensus and Turing Complete Smart Contracts. We couldn’t miss such a possibility to work for this Platform. Before it was pretty hard to get a decent Smart Contract on NEO, due to the fact of some bugs refer to coding and so on. MyWish Smart Contract Platform made it real by creating a Token Sale Smart Contract and a Crowd Sale Smart Contract for them (in the next 2 weeks).

Yet there are many more Blockchains out there which are definitely worth using and telling the World about. MyWish, as a strong believer in cryptocurrency, wants to give every existing Blockchain platform a chance to support Smart Contracts. We make out a statement that it’s our mission since now. All of the Smart Contracts that we provide Blockchain platforms with, are ready to use. Our strong team of developers tests every single Сontract for possible mistakes, and only then makes an official release. No need to mention that the code for Smart Contract is one of the most complex things in programming, that’s exactly why you won’t find many options which offer you to use a Smart Contract.

Speaking of our mission, we had partnered with RSK and released the World first Smart Contract for Bitcoin holders. 2-Way-Peg technology that was used as a foundation, helped us made it real for the first time in the history of Smart Contracts.

We will definitely keep you updated on our further steps. We do hope that soon you could feel safe and certain about your crypto deals on the Internet with the help of MyWish Smart Contract service.

Our own token is called WISH, every single payment on our Smart Contract Platform is always made with the WISH (even if you pay by ETH we convert it to WISH). The more deals are made with the WISH token, the higher the value of this token.

Hope you won’t hesitate to try it out!

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Thank you for support!

MyWish Team.

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CEO MyWish (

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