Reliable world of Smart Contracts

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Future will surely surprise us, but we can already predict some changes.

It is obvious why cryptocurrency and smart contracts itself have a lot of scepticism around. It could be explained as something new and unlike things that we got used to. That’s the situation that we are trying to solve here. Furthermore, it triggers changes, because some professions will be not required.

Anyway, smart contracts are gaining their popularity for being easy to sign contract for both sides, it’s easy to settle accounts according to them and undeniable for execution.

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It goes to show that some powerful nowadays professions would be simply unnecessary. Lets look through it deeply. The lawyer — one of the “always-in-demand” experts, mediators, and who always helps people draft contracts — will be replaced by code. Simple, impossible to break and available for everyone who can code. No possibility of interruption, no misunderstandings in contest, no unfair judges. Cool? Yes. Such a contracts are already coded and signed at MyWish. Good example would be wedding contract — your finances are combined, so you are having and conducting family budget together without dealing with lawyer. The same with last will, deals, insurance or any other coded contracts. There are still some risks, for example, there might be a mistake in a code, and it could cause stealing money as it happened with well known The DAO. That’s why every contract must come through multi-level checks, and that’s what is obligatory to every contract on the platform.

In addition, all the business information and transactions will be stored in blockchain, so that is the time, we are saying goodbye to a life-long lines in banks, for example. No one would refuse such a possibility.

It all might sound sad in some case — but as much as crypto world takes from us, much more it gives. New professions, which we couldn’t even imagine 20 years before, come to the reality. Our life rapidly goes online and requires new knowledges and new specializations. Virtual reality designer, online lawyer, smart contract developer and much more — these are the experts who will be highly required in ten years.

So it is time for young generation to understand the coming changes and be the one to catch the new wave.

MyWish token sale started: Join the telegram group for more information:

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