RBC Airdrop for WISH Holders

2 min readOct 6, 2020


Hello MyWish Friends!

First of all, we would like to thank you again for the fact that you have been watching our successes and hardships with us for 3 years.

Recently, we have launched the Multichain p2p Platform — Rubic.exchange.
Our team always supports MyWish owners at all times. In this regard, we decided to encourage our holders with Rubic RBC tokens.

Instructions on how to get bonus RBC tokens for MyWish holders:

1. All MyWish holders with a balance above 1000 WISH tokens will be eligible for the airdrop of RBC.

2. The number of RBC tokens depends directly on your balance on the snapshots.

The snapshot date of your MyWish holdings will be done on:

⁃ 15 Dec 2020

⁃ 15 Feb 2021

⁃ 15 May 2021

⁃ 15 Aug 2021

3. Since RBC is vested with intervals of 3 months you will receive 1 RBC for every 4 WISH on the following Rubic (RBC) airdrop dates:

⁃ 22 Dec 2020

⁃ 22 Feb 2021

⁃ 22 May 2021

⁃ 22 Aug 2021

For example, you hold 10.000 MyWish at the snapshot date of Dec 15th and then 20.000 WISH on 15th Feb. You will receive 2500 RBC after 22 Dec and 5000 RBC after 22 Feb.

Steps to be taken by WISH owners:

1. After each snapshot users have to send ~0.01 BNB to the Specified address in Binance Chain (the address will be announced later)

2. Include your personal Ethereum address to the Memo field for getting RBC

3. RBC tokens will be sent automatically after the Specified address receives the transaction until the next snapshot inclusive.

*Users need to request RBC airdrop every time after the snapshot until the next.

Stay in touch, we will soon publish detailed instructions. The MyWish team cherishes its like-minded community. Mind your WISH balance closely and you will be favourably rewarded.

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If you have any questions, please contact us: support@mywish.io