MyWish believes in the world of SmartContracts and Decentralization. We believe Decentralized exchanges will be dominating the market soon. We are proud to announce our partnership with one of such a futuristic P2P marketplace.

It is an ambitious project which successfully completed its ICO. WandX ( is a decentralized platform enabling seamless creation and trade of any ERC20 Token or a basket of ERC20 Tokens. WandX has developed an ERC20 Token portfolio trading protocol that enables users to create and trade in ERC20 Token portfolios.

MyWish really loves the vision of WandX to create a P2P token market place that allows the customers to create their own ERC20 custom tokens. WandX are really impressed with our Crowdsale SmartContract (

Both teams are excited about this new partnership and exploring various areas to work together. Initially both teams will be working on the following.

  • Wish tokens will be listed on WandX exchange.
  • Crowdsale contract will be integrated with WandX allowing their customers to create their own custom ERC 20 Tokens.
  • Any ICO/Token created on MyWish are tradable on WandX exchange.
  • MyWish will develop token template for WandX baskets of ERC20 Tokens.

We are encouraged by the positive developments and looking forward to working with WandX.

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WandX will release the application on 30th Jan to enable Ethereum to ERC20 Token trading and trading in ERC20 Token portfolios.

GPCC will be launching their ICO using MyWish complete visual SmartContract for their crowdsale.

Thank you community for your continuous support.

Best WISHes,


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