Hello everyone!

Valeriy Dubrava has joined our team as CTO 1 month ago. Valeriy has Master Degree in Computer Science, worked as a professor assistant in Saint-Petersburg Technical University for 3 years with course «Introduction to security development».

After that he moved to “I-Play” company working as Back-end Developer, where he became Senior Back-end developer. After 5 years he was invited to join Mail.ru group (the largest internet company in Russia, https://corp.mail.ru/en/) as Senior Architect for Social Games Development.

In 2013 Vladimir Tikhomirov & Valeriy Dubrava founded DDG company (www.ddgcorp.com) which has 3 offices & about 50 employees now. Valeriy worked as CTO and lead many projects for Disney, Megafon, Danone & other companies.

In 2016 Valeriy start learning blockchain & focus on Ethereum contracts. Right now he works on Lastwill project almost 16 hours per day and lead all development activities.

Married, 2 sons, likes cats :)

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