Our crystal clear tokenomics

When we started to plan our token economical model we expected that contracts like “WILL” will require a future calling which will need some fees, that’s why we reserved 15% from every contract fees for this purpose.

Since the most requested contracts — Crowdsale and Token contracts- are not requiring future calling, we shared with you earlier that we want to do something about this, well, now we can say that we finally reached a decision for this issue, we are going to freeze this 15 % and send it to 2 public accounts.
Whatever the used payment method is -BTC, ETH, WISH, EOSISH, Fiat- we will transfer 15% of every payment to WISH / EOSISH freezing accounts. However, we will discuss with our community what we will do with these frozen tokens in the near future, burn it or airdrop it to our holders or other options.

You can check our public accounts:
WISH: 0x2246Bf20f536cbf9ab9a7bC8B3518276Ae40b2F6
EOSISH: eosishfreeze

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CEO MyWish (mywish.io)

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