We receive many questions about our service: is it unique? What are the competitors? Why are you better? What are your main advantages?

These questions inspired us to write this article.

Among competitors of MyWill platform one can distinguish two different classes: the projects oriented on creating smart-contracts and the ones dedicated to solving a certain real-world problem (for example, crypto assets inheritance)

First let’s consider BlockCAT — a project concerning the first group, which ICO campaign was successfully finished in September. BlockCAT is a smart contract constructor with a possibility to deploy it in Ethereum. It allows to decrease the gas spending significantly by means of reusing the whole functional by several contracts.

Common features of the project:

  • smart-contract library
  • gas usage optimization
  • comfortable interface
  • open platform for third-party developers

One can distinguish two major differences between MyWill and BlockCAT:

  1. BlockCAT is not concerned about contract invocation; after creating, the contract stays in Ethereum and awaits to be called for execution. MyWill guarantees every created contract will be called and executed even if our platform no longer exists in the future. Thus, MyWill team implemented complete contract lifecycle from its creation to either successful execution or cancel demanded by user.
  2. BlockCAT is not supposed to realise specific life case contracts, but it basically is a marketplace for all types of contracts. MyWill gives priority to certain tasks and develops contracts in order to find solutions for the tasks. In other words, MyWill’s main idea comes from the users’ need to solve a certain problem: to make up a wedding contract or a testament, redeem assets from a wallet when the private key is lost etc. But after implementing basic contracts the platform will look through external contracts very thoroughly before adding them into the library.

Another competitor class are the projects dedicated to solving certain problems.

Now let’s consider the DigiPulse project, which, unfortunately, has not reached the soft cap during crowdfunding. The project was about to implement a mechanism that allows anyone to distribute crypto assets in case of user’s death. The Digipulse received support of The Coinbase and it’s main bet was concerned with the member’s death confirmation by standard, “non-crypto” methods of real world.

Among the main differences between platform MyWill project DigiPulse (ver1.0.) we’d like to mention:

  1. MyWill — implementation of contracts library for various life situations, not only wills.

2. MyWill is based on the Ethereum platform and does not require integration with external resources, such as exchanges or wallets (coinbase).

Please send other similar projects — we’ll happy to review it & compare.

Written by

CEO MyWish (mywish.io)

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