New member of our advisory board — Hugo Hellebuyck

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We are proud to introduce our new Strategic Adviser, Hugo Hellebuyck!
We consider Hugo’s experience would help us to expand the geography of our platform on Asian market.

Hugo graduated from Regent’s College University in 2008.
Then he moved to Singapore in 2011 and expanded his field of knowledge in a Venture Capital as Chief Investment Officer for a Singaporean VC. 3 years ago, Hugo founded his own company LILY S.E.A. Group focusing on sustainable investment opportunities in different areas. Data Reconciliation (Blockchain) is one of them..
At the moment Hugo describes himself as a Blockchain Strategist & Pre ICO Angel in Singapore

Related experience:
Strategic adviser at Rocket ICO
Strategic adviser at CryptoPay
Business Development at KickCity

Company Analysis
Competition Analysis
New Market Entry
Brand Implantation and development (Asia)
Investor relations (Asia — Middle East — Russia)

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