Hello everyone!

Here is weekly update for MyWish project.

Development status.

  1. Crowdsale contract development is ongoing. Back-end: 80% completed, Contract template: 100%, Design: 100% completed, Front-end: 80% completed. Testing started. Ahead of Plan. Initial release date: 25th of December.
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2. WISH token integration. Release date: 25th of December. Task divided into two steps:

  • WISH payments for SmartContracts : Accepting WISH token as payment for contract creation (80% done)
  • ETH/BTC Payments : Exchanging ETH/BTC to WISH from exchanges for SmartContracts Payment (70% done).
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  1. MyWish will participate in Dubai Blockchain summit on 8th of January — https://dibs.ae/
  2. German pension fund (https://www.mercer.com/) — everyday discussions are ongoing, requires approval of board of directors. In progress
  3. Labor contracts for Ministry of Labor — feedback collected, seems that Governments do not consider smart contracts for labour’s regulations.
  4. Music subscription is considering by the Spotify service and a number of similar companies. In progress.
  5. World-class fitness clubs like smart contracts idea — Team discussing and working on a prototype.


Continue talking to KuCoin, Cryptopia and Liqui to get listed soon. Already paid to Cryptopia, but still in Pending state.

Weekly statistic: 1470 users (+30.5% since last week).

Thank you all for support,


CMC: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/mywish/

Bancor Network: https://app.bancor.network/communities/5a17518de17ffd0001b8ee6a/about

Etherdelta: https://etherdelta.com/#WISH-ETH

Written by

CEO MyWish (mywish.io)

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