MyWish Weekly Report 31/12/2021


  1. MyWish team has made a huge step forward in terms of development this year. It is now a time for us to reflect on all the ups and downs we have lived through the fast-changing market environment and estimate the focus options for the next year. MyWish development team has a lot of exciting innovative ideas to bring to the crypto and blockchain industry. We are now in the process of estimation and prioritization of the particular ideas for the 2022 roadmap.

Stay tuned to learn about the new plan for 2022

2. Solana integration update is now complete for the launch to production. Our team is excited to hit the new records with the Solana token creation service.

3. MyWish team has worked hard to reach positive results in 2021 and will take a New Years' break till 10 Jan. Meanwhile, we are looking to provide you with a quick overview of MyWish achievements in 2021 in the upcoming weekly on Jan 10th.


  1. Moonriver ecosystem inclusion

This week MyWish platform was included in the Moonriver ecosystem by Coin98 Analytics. Moonriver blockchain integration became one of the most important milestones of the year for our platform. We are honored to be mentioned among the finest Dapps on the market and happy to provide Moonriver Network with our no-code solutions!

See the dedicated post:

2. Polygon ecosystem inclusion

We were also more than happy to see MyWish platform included in the Polygon ecosystem in the Dev Tooling category. Our team is honored and excited to strengthen the connection with Polygon Network and see the project awareness constantly growing. We would like to thank Coin98 and Polygon Network for appreciating the value we bring to the blockchain industry.

See the post:

3. MyWish blockchain integration of 2021

This week we posted an overview of all the networks integrated into MyWish platform in 2021 on our Twitter account. We were thrilled to see the crypto community supporting the tweet. New blockchains integrations were a major part of MyWish roadmap and we are proud for achieving so much in this area.

See the dedicated post:

4. New Year promo at MyWish platform

MyWish team has also prepared presents for everyone who wants to try our no-code solutions. Join the special Christmas party at MyWish platform! Use the promo code HAPPY2022 to get 20% off smart contract creation. Don’t miss the most wonderful time of the year!

Visit today!

5. MyWish highlights of 2021

As the year has come to an end, we would like to summarize the results of our work. Yesterday we started to overview our accomplishments in marketing and development by month. We invite you to join us and walk down memory lane in our Twitter account!

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6. Airdrop Service December stats

Our users distributed more than 2000 tokens with MyWish multisending tool. The biggest batches were 900, 550, and 469.

Send your assets to multiple addresses at

7. Smart contract creation December stats

The most popular blockchain among our users was Ethereum followed by Binance Smart Chain. We are excited to see the Solana Network among the most popular blockchains!

Create your smart contract without coding at

8. Weekly BuyBack

At the end of the year, we will add the bought back tokens in November and December 19281 WWISH with the corresponding amount of ETH to the Uniswap V2 liquidity pool

Transaction details:

You can also find the details in the Tokenomics report available in this link:


Users: 45711
Contracts: 34839

We would like to thank the community for its ongoing support!





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