MyWish Weekly Report 30/04/2021


  1. We are happy to announce that the MyWish cross-chain bridge solution has taken over the market. The number of requests for bridge development is increasing.

Many projects are currently using our bridge, and two more have joined us recently — Pawtokol and Siacashcoin. More projects to come soon.

2. Taking into account the bridge’s popularity, we have developed a new architecture that focuses on security and decentralization.

The release is planned for May 20th.

3. A new version of tokenomics was presented to the Marketing Board.
Having collected feedback, it was decided that more liquidity will be added on Uniswap. Find the transactions details at the link:

170,000 TRONISH were frozen this month.

4. All other tasks (Pancake integration, Airdrop tool improvements) have been postponed due to high demand for bridges.


  1. MyWish subreddit updated

Our team is happy to get the moderation of our subreddit back and we are working on its development. With the help of a community member, the subreddit info has been updated as well as its appearance. Check it out and follow us:

2. MyWish Slogan Contest submission is open

Let us hear your voice. Knowing how engaged our community is, the MyWish team strives to attract members to our platform development and reward those who are willing to help us become better. To do so, we are inviting everyone to help us come up with new slogan ideas. Do not forget to sign up and have a chance to earn some $WISH.

Find detailed instructions at

3. Coingecko page update

The links to Binance Etherscan and BSCscan have been added to the profile. Additionally, the audience’s awareness about the project grows speedily. There are over 1,750 likes on our page. Our team is happy to see more and more people learning about my wish and believing in our project.

4. Polygon and Binance Smart Chain ecosystems inclusion platform was included in Polygon and Binance Smart Chain ecosystems by a popular market analytics account. We are always happy to be noticed and included in such graphs. Since MyWish is not about single network adoption, we have created contacts on 7 networks already and we are working on more blockchain integration.

We are grateful to Coin98 Analytics for tagging us and we hope to be included in their future posts.

5. Airdrop Service tutorial placement

Considering an improvement in user experience, the Airdrop Service tutorial has been placed straight on the service landing page. Our team strives to make our services simple, and easy-to-use so that anyone, even new to the crypto space can easily use them.

Have you watched the MyWish Airdrop tutorial? Check it out with this link:

6. 5,000+ followers in the MyWish Telegram group

Our team is happy to see our community growing so fast. This week the amount of our Telegram group members has exceeded 5,000. We are welcoming all newcomers and we hope that you have a great journey with the MyWish community.

7. 1,000 followers on the MyWish YouTube channel

Along with the growing community, our YouTube channel is gaining its followers too. This week the amount of followers has exceeded 1,000! Moreover, the amount of views has reached 73,000! We are happy to see the audience’s interest in our services and the tutorials uploaded there. Have you subscribed? Do it now with this link

8. Referral program

The amount of program participants is growing along with the number of contracts created. We are happy to see the willingness to spread the word about our platform. The first rewards have already been distributed.
However, the referral program is still ongoing. Sign up to get a new passive income source. All you need to do is to fill in the form and spread your promo code around. Any contract deployed using your 10% discount code will bring you a 10% share from the deployed contract payment.

9. Ethereum contract prices were changed

Due to the recent market fluctuations, the Ethereum contracts pricing has been revised and changed. Please, take a look at the new pricing represented in the picture below


Users: 32,572

Contracts: 19,924

We would like to thank the community for its ongoing support!





Binance DEX:


Pancake Swap:

WISH Swap:

MyWish Airdrop:



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