MyWish Weekly Report 3/12/2021


  1. Solana Mainnet

Having launched automated smart contracts creation in Solana’s testnet, the MyWish team had no doubt in the demand for automated smart contracts creation in Solana and the potential of high performance and positive results of the integration.

There have been over 260 contracts created in Solana testnet science launch on MyWish. Such high performance of the integration in the early stage is truly inspiring and encouraging. MyWish development team is moving forward with the mainnet integration.

Development Status: Development 100% complete
Testing in progress
Start creating your token in Solana testnet now at:

2. MyWish Cross-Chain Solutions

Along with a high demand for MyWish cross-chain solutions, our team keeps working to increase development efficiency.
This week we have started the automatization of the backend deployment. The new improvement will allow us to increase bridge deployment and testing efficiency by 40%

Development Status: 90% complete

3. Math Wallet integration to MyWish Airdrop service

Striving to increase Airdrop Service accessibility our team is looking to provide maximum wallet connection opportunities for our users. That is why we partnered with MathWallet team to let their users effortlessly connect to MyWish Airdrop service and distribute their tokens with maximum efficiency.
Status: Released
Start distributing your tokens now at:


  1. Solana Mainnet launch media resonance

Our team is pleased to warm up the global crypto community for MyWish token generation tool launch on Solana Mainnet. We were happy to see the community positively reacting to this news and great outreach within crypto media. MyWish team is excited to become a part of the ecosystem, bringing our no-coding solutions to Solana, and hopes that this launch will benefit the whole industry!

2. MyWish community contest dedicated to the Moonbeam universe event

This week we also have announced the winners of the MyWish and Moonbeam community contest, dedicated to the successful Moonbeam universe event. The winners have already received their rewards! Our team would like to congratulate the winners and thank everyone who participated.

See the dedicated post:

3. MyWish and Math Wallet cooperation

We are proud to announce that MyWish has cooperated with Math Wallet making our airdrop service even more convenient to use. From now on, our users can easily complete airdrop with the Math Wallet connection. We are more than happy to befriend such a big market player and provide our audience with one more feature that simplifies crypto assets management.

Read about the integration by the link:

4. MyWish and Math Wallet cooperation feedback

Our team is happy to see the news about Math Wallet integration spreading over Twitter and getting the attention of many crypto enthusiasts. We are excited about the positive feedback on the integration and prepare the new collaborations to make our solutions even more efficient and convenient for MyWish users.

5. MyWish Meme contest vol. 2

To celebrate the launch of MyWish token generation tool to Solana Mainnet, we announced a Meme contest with a prize pool of $1000! The 10 most creative members of our community will get generous rewards. The contest will continue for the next week, so we invite everyone to celebrate the launch with us and join the competition!

See the details by the link:

6. MyWish and Berry Data partnership

MyWish is happy to join the Berry Data partners list! Last week we announced a new partnership with Berry Data, an oracle on Binance Smart Chain, and received quite a lot of positive feedback.

Our team would like to thank our new partners for this cooperation. We are happy to befriend innovative projects working on Binance Smart Chain and hope that this partnership will increase brand awareness and bring value to both our projects.

Read about the integration by the link:

See the post:

7. MyWish token multisender November stats

Last month our users sent their tokens to almost 8 000 addresses with the biggest batches of 2289, 1714, and 1079. We are happy to help crypto projects to make their airdrop campaigns more effective!

Use the most efficient token multisender at:

8. MyWish monthly Smart contract creation statistics

As usual, at the beginning of the month, we’re sharing the contract creation statistics from the previous one. The most popular chain of November was Ethereum with 46 % of tokens created on MyWish platform. The second popular blockchain was Binance Smart Chain with 37 %. We’re proud to see the Solana Network in 3rd place and hope that the upcoming Mainnet launch will bring us even more achievements!

9. Weekly BuyBack

This week the amount of Buyback is 4990 WISH.

The bought back funds are kept in $WWISH at the following address:


Transaction details will be published later.

Along with the buyback, we will add 11773 and the corresponding ETH amount to the Uniswap Liquidity

Transaction details will be published later.

You can also find the details in the Tokenomics report available in this link:


Users: 44700
Contracts: 33514

We would like to thank the community for its ongoing support!





Binance DEX:


WISH Cross-chain Swap:

MyWish Airdrop Service:




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