MyWish Weekly Report 26/11/2021

5 min readNov 26, 2021



  1. Solana Mainnet

Having launched automated smart contracts creation in Solana’s testnet, the MyWish team had no doubt in the demand for automated smart contracts creation in Solana and the potential of high performance and positive results of the integration.

There have been over 200 contracts created in Solana testnet science launch on MyWish. Such high performance of the integration in the early stage is truly inspiring and encouraging. MyWish development team is moving forward with the mainnet integration.

Development status:
Planned release date: 1/12

2. MyWish Cross-Chain Solutions

MyWish Cross-Chain solutions keep being in high demand.

Along with the project’s need to reach bigger audiences, increase the variety of trading platforms, and establish competitive transaction terms for holders, the demand for cross-chain bridges is growing.

MyWish cross-chain solution allows projects to have full control over their bridge, have their own interface that aligns with specified project needs, and have the ability to choose from different solutions.

Due to the high increase of the demand for MyWish cross-chain solutions, the priority of other development is lowered.


  1. MyWish and Berry Data partnership feedback

We are excited to see that our recent partnership with Berry Data received positive feedback from the crypto community and was announced on major media channels!

Our team would like to thank our new partners for this cooperation. We are happy to befriend innovative projects working on Binance Smart Chain and hope that this partnership will increase brand awareness and bring value to both our projects.

Read about the integration by the link:

See the dedicated post:

2. MyWish community contest in the Moonbeam universe event

On November 22nd MyWish platform participated in the Moonbeam Universe episode. Our general manager, Lina joined the event and talked about automated smart contract generation on Mooriver Network. Our team would like everyone who was with us on Monday!

To celebrate the successful launch and reward active community members for their ever-lasting support of the Moonbeam Universe event we are running the community contest together with the Moonbeam team. 10 winners will get the promo codes for free contract creation on MyWish platform. The top three winners will also share the reward pool of $600, each getting $200 in WISH tokens.

The contest has already started, but you still have a chance to participate!

Check the rules by the link and don’t hesitate to join:

3. Moonriver integration keeps receiving support

We are happy that one of our latest integrations of Moonriver Network still gets positive feedback and comment from the crypto community! We are honored to be a part of the Moonriver ecosystem and have a solid partnership with the network. Our team hopes to continue this cooperation bringing more of our ideas and developments to Moonriver!

4. MyWish Meme contest vol. 2

We are excited to share that MyWish token creation service is coming to Solana Mainnet next week! To celebrate the integration of the Solana Network into MyWish platform, we announce a Meme contest with a prize pool of $1000! The 10 most creative members of our community will get generous rewards! We invite everyone to celebrate the launch with us and take part in the competition.

See the details by the link:

5. MyWish has won in the Near Protocol Grant program

We are excited to share that Near Grants Committee has discovered the potential of the integration and power of MyWish! Our team is happy to join the ecosystem and bring automated token creation to NEAR! Stay tuned for updates on the integration. Our team would be more than happy to contribute to the Near blockchain getting towards our goal of blockchain adoption.

6. MyWish has applied for a HoneyDAO funding

MyWish is constantly searching for growth opportunities. This week we have applied for funding provided by HoneyDAO. HoneyDAO is a group of DeFi influencers, investors, crypto developers, and funders working to improve the DeFi industry and help blockchain projects to bring their ideas to life. We are more than happy for such an opportunity and that HoneyDAO would help us on the way to making crypto more accessible.

7. More than 44 000 registered on MyWish

We are excited that the number of users registered on MyWish platform has exceeded 44 000! MyWish team is happy to receive support and see more people try our zero coding solutions for their projects every day. We continue to develop our services to bring blockchain technology to massive adoption.

8. MyWish token multisender tool weekly stats

3411 tokens were sent with MyWish airdrop service on Binance Smart Chain this week. The biggest batches were 2289, 552, and 451.

Use our multisender by the link:

9. Weekly BuyBack

This week the amount of Buyback is 3259 WWISH.

The bought back funds are kept in $WWISH at the following address:


Transaction details

You can also find the details in the Tokenomics report available in this link:


Users: 44358
Contracts: 33081

We would like to thank the community for its ongoing support!





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