MyWish Weekly Report 24/09/2021


1. Airdrop service Deflationary token feature.

Along with the increasing demand for MyWish Airdrop service, we have begun the optimization and adjustments to the Deflationary token models.

Development Status: 80% complete

Planned Release Date: 30/09

2. XDC Cross-Chain Bridge

Update: The development is complete. We have started the tests on Mainnet.
The bridge will support the following swaps:


Important: by a request from XDC representatives, XDCE will only be swapped according to the following parameter.

The swaps are running in the following way:

The max amount of tokens users can receive in XDC will be calculated according to the snapshot results at the following dates and the assigned ratios

1) Before 6th Dec 5.30GMT can be swapped: 1:1

2) 6th Dec 5.30 GMT — 10th Dec 5.30 GMT can be swapped 3:1

3) 10th Dec 5.30 GMT — 20th Dec 5.30 GMT can be swapped 5:1

4) 20th Dec 5.30 GMT — No swap will be provided after 20th Dec 2020

Now users can only swap tokens with 1:1 ratio

The other ratios can be enabled later.

Status: Development is complete. Testing is in progress.


  1. Moonriver integration news in social media

MyWish platform was getting huge support for the MoonBeam collaboration over the last week! The integration was positively received by the crypto community and aroused interest from major media resources and blogs. Moonbeam and MyWish collaboration was mentioned on such pages as:

Moonriver integration announcement on MyWish platform’s Twitter account received 107,100 impressions and a total engagement of 1,509 users!

Our team is happy to get so many comments and congratulations from the audience. We are honored to be a part of the MoonBeam ecosystem and believe that this partnership will bring a worthy contribution to the network and the whole industry.

2. MyWish page at the Moonbeam Network website

MyWish platform has been officially added to the Moonbeam network website. You can find our page with all the information about the project at

3. New partnership opportunities

Integration into the ecosystem of such a fast-developing project allows us to share the experience with other projects and explore new integration opportunities. Our presence in the Moonbeam Network system has already been noticed by the newest members of this community. Our team is proud to be mentioned among other successful blockchain projects and looking forward to seeing great results from this cooperation.

4. MyWish referral program celebrating successful Moonbeam integration is on

Along with the successful integration of Moonriver to MyWish, we created a program for all the Moonbeam enthusiasts and ambassadors. The campaign has recently started but already received more than 70 applications. All the participants have already received their referral codes. We are happy to receive increasing attention to the program and prepare to achieve great results!

5. BSC ecosystem residence

Our platform keeps getting mentions as a part of the massive Binance Smart Chain community. Our team is proud to be added to another selection as an infrastructure service. We are continuously working to build up and evolve our partnership with BSC and maintain our position as the leading smart contract creator.

6. MyWish invites all the crypto community to take part in our roadmap’s generation!

Being the leading smart contract generator MyWish constantly undergoes improvements and modifications. Last week we sought for our audience’s opinion on the most prospective service for the further development. The poll is still on, so you still can decide on the future of the MyWish platform.

Vote by the link:

7. MyWish YouTube channel keeps growing

The video tutorial on how to create a BEP20 token in Testnet posted on the MyWish platform YouTube channel was watched by more than 14 200 people. MyWish team is happy to receive positive feedback on the content created and works on developing new videos for our audience. Stay tuned for useful tutorials and more!

For those who haven’t watched it yet, we leave the link to the video below:

8. Airdrop Multisender progress

Our new Airdrop Multisender retains its popularity among our users. Binance Smart Chain tokens have been distributed to over 30500 addresses this week. The biggest transaction made with MyWish multisender tool included over 2100 addresses.

9. Buyback

Due to the fact, that there has been no payments on the platform this week, there will be no buyback this week.

The bought back funds are kept in $WWISH at the following address: 0x97f95242E27218Ea6a265239Ba04BC26F31DB0a4.

You can also find the details in the Tokenomics report available in this link:


Users: 41505(+0.5%)

Contracts: 29739(0.5%)

We would like to thank the community for its ongoing support!





Binance DEX:


WISH Cross-chain Swap:

MyWish Airdrop Service:




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