MyWish Weekly Report 19/11/2021


  1. MyWish Cross-Chain Solutions

MyWish Cross-Chain solutions keep being in high demand.

Along with the project’s need to reach bigger audiences, increase the variety of trading platforms, and establish competitive transaction terms for holders, the demand for cross-chain bridges is growing.

MyWish cross-chain solution allows projects to have full control over their bridge, have their own interface that aligns with specified project needs, and have the ability to choose from different solutions.

Due to the high increase of the demand for MyWish cross-chain solutions, the priority of other development is lowered.

2. Solana Mainnet

MyWish team did not doubt the high demand for token creation in the Solana network. Being one of the top crypto in the space, Solana is top 5 according to Coingecko data. The network keeps growing speedily. The total amount of transactions in mainnet has exceeded 38,000,000,000 and keeps growing every second.

Having launched automated smart contracts creation in Solana’s testnet, the MyWish team did not doubt the demand for automated smart contracts creation in Solana and the potential of high performance and positive results of the integration.

According to the data collected from the testnet integration, there have been over 194 contracts created in Solana testnet by 115 unique users. Such high performance of the integration in the early stage is truly inspiring and encouraging. MyWish development team is moving forward with the mainnet integration.

Development Status: Preparation complete
Planned release date: 29/11

3. Refactoring

MyWish team keeps working on the platform development to increase efficiency and enable new contracts, blockchains, and services launches. The team is now progressing in a massive refactoring process in the backend site. The code updates will positively impact not only platform efficiency but also will increase scalability, resistance, and the loading time improvement
Status: 70% complete

4. Auto Verification

Contracts verification is one of the most popular additional features in automated contracts creation. Over 70% of our users choose to have verification added to their contracts. Along with the increasing interest in this option, our team is looking to improve and make the verification more efficient and fast. That is why we are now in the process of making it fully automated. The first networks to be supported are Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.
Status: Testing in progress (70% complete)

5. Airdrop service for Solana tokens

The growing interest in Airdrop tools in new and fast-growing blockchains ecosystems opens new opportunities for MyWish. Our team is looking to enter the Solana network with the ecosystem development and provision of efficient tools to blur the boundaries in blockchain mass adoption.

MyWish development team has started a new blockchain integration to the MyWish Airdrop multisender tool. The integration will allow sending tokens in batches to multiple addresses.

Development Status: 90% complete


  1. MyWish has partnered with Berry Data

We are excited to announce that MyWish has established a partnership with Berry Data! Berry Data is an oracle network on Binance Smart Chain offering a decentralized alternative for off-chain data.

We are honored that the Berry Data project decided to be using the MyWish token distribution tool for their future airdrop campaigns! Our team would like to say thank you to our new partners for this cooperation. We are happy to befriend innovative projects working on Binance Smart Chain and hope that this partnership will increase brand awareness and bring value to both our projects.

Read about the integration by the link:

2. MyWish is joining the Moonbeam Universe event

We are excited to share that the MyWish platform will participate in the upcoming Moonbeam Universe episode. Our general manager will join the event to talk about automated smart contract generation on Mooriver Network on November 22! We are proud to be the guests of this meetup and look forward to having a great time there. Our team invites everyone to join the event and the afterparty at Gather with special rewards for the guests.

Check the details by the link:

3.MyWish is launching a community contest with Moonbeam

To celebrate the successful launch and reward active community members for their ever-lasting support of the Moonbeam Universe event we will run the community contest together with the Moonbeam team.

10 winners will get the promo codes for free contract creation on MyWish platform. The top three winners will also share the reward pool of $600, each getting $200 in WISH tokens.

The contest starts on November 22. The rules will be announced later.

4. MyWish platform in the Moonbeam ecosystem

We are excited that the Moonbeam Network has added our platform to their ecosystem! Our team is honored to become a part of this selection and keeps growing and developing the connections inside the blockchain industry, getting closer to our goal of mass adoption!

See the dedicated post:

5. New partnership with a Solana ecosystem’s resident

MyWish continues to explore the Solana ecosystem establishing partnerships among its residents. We are currently working on the upcoming integration and will announce it soon.

Follow our Twitter account to see the announcement first:

6. MyWish Memes contest vol. 2

To celebrate the integration of the Solana Network into MyWish platform we are willing to give away $1000 to our most creative community members. We are inviting our community to participate and be creative. The prize pool is generous, so check out the details below and prepare to create hilarious memes!

Stay tuned for more information and rules and follow us on Twitter to see everything first:

7. MyWish is participating in the Near Protocol Grant program

MyWish is continuing the exploration of the blockchain universe. This week we applied for the Near Protocol Grant program. Our team would be more than happy to contribute to the Near blockchain and excited to enter the ecosystem. Stay tuned for more updates on this topic!

8. MyWish token multisender tool weekly stats

Our team would also like to share the impressive statistics of MyWish Airdrop multisender tool. This week’s tokens were distributed to over 4000 addresses with the biggest batches of 1714, 1079, and 551!

9. Weekly BuyBack

This week the amount of Buyback is 3079 WWISH.

The bought back funds are kept in $WWISH at the following address:


Transaction details

You can also find the details in the Tokenomics report available in this link:


Users: 43986
Contracts: 32589

We would like to thank the community for its ongoing support!





Binance DEX:


WISH Cross-chain Swap:

MyWish Airdrop Service:



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