MyWish Weekly Report 09/07/2021


  1. Polygon Airdrop Service

Polygon tokens distribution will be added to the MyWish Airdrop multisender service. Along with the growing popularity of Polygon Airdrop Contract, our team is working for its optimization to offer our users the best experience.

Development Status: 70% completed

Release date: July 21st

2. BSC Airdrop Service gas optimization

With the increased popularity of the BEP20 token distribution service, MyWish development team is focused on making the service better and more efficient for our users. We are now making the gas optimization for the service

The release is planned for July 15

3. White Label.

A new feature will be added to MyWish Platform — White Label. MyWish users will be able to deploy their contracts from a blank address, with no mentions of MyWish, even in the source code. The development is complete, the new feature will be released next week.

Release date: July 12th

4. Verification and Branded report are added to the Polygon contracts

Along with the increasing number of contracts created on Polygon, we added Verification and Branded report service for token and Crowdsale contracts. The additional services are aimed to make the use of the network easy and accessible for those who are new to the crypto world as well as saves our users’ time. No need to verify the source code manually, MyWish will handle it for you

Check it out at


  1. Prices for Airdrop Service changed

Due to the fast-changing market environment, the prices for the airdrop service changed. Check it out at

MyWish Airdrop multisender service allows distributing tokens in batches of up to 1700 addresses per transaction. Isn’t that impressive? Start distributing your tokens with MyWish.

2. Cooperation with Polygon for Cross-Chain Bridges Promotion

This week, there has been a lot of interaction with Polygon network representatives. We managed to receive their support for Cross-Chain bridges to Polygon promotion. We are planning to start the campaign on Monday and are excited to see the positive results. We are grateful for Polygon for their support and willingness to help us.

3. Twitter promo campaign for Cross-Chain Bridges

This week we have updated the Twitter Ads promotion campaign for Bridges. We are excited to see the results and the new applications for the service. We are planning to keep it running on the weekend and pause it till the new requests are overviewed

4. Looking for the new blockchains to join MyWish

Having set the course to increase blockchain variability for our users, our team is currently looking for new blockchains for integration. We are excited to discover the new fast-growing networks to offer our users and looking forward to getting the community feedback on what are your most desirable blockchains for use.

Don’t forget to write your opinion in the comments under this post.

5. XinFin integration — support from the network

Along with the integration of the XDC network, MyWish received a lot of attention from both: media, the network itself, and their community. We are excited about the increasing awareness of our platform as a Smart Contract Generator. We are looking forward to working together with XinFin to provide more useful tools for crypto assets management on the XDC network.

6. Heco token contract is LIVE on MyWish

Heco Chain token contract is LIVE on the MyWish platform. Our service allows to easily issue a token to HecoChain mainnet as well as the testnet. The Heco token contract is steadily gaining new users on the test net. We are now planning a big update of our email campaign to get everyone who tested our contracts back to the contract creation. Stay tuned for the update

7. Cross-Chain Bridge

MyWish cross-Chain solutions have proven to be in high and growing demand. Our team keeps getting new applications for the bridges and looking forward to building more. From the moment of the service release, we have already received over 55 applications. Such a big demand for the bridges opens new opportunities for both: increase the platform awareness and set the profound reputation as the leading smart contracts builder.

8. Deflationary tokens

The demand for fully customized tokens keeps steadily growing. We keep receiving new applications and development requests. Another deflationary token development was completed this week. We are excited to see the increasing number of applications and are considering form placement on our platform.

Have your token developed by MyWish. All you need to do is to fill in the form

9. Exciting news!

MyWish 4th Birthday is coming on July 13.

Our team is planning to run a Birthday promo campaign to celebrate 4 years of platform operations. Follow our socials to stay tuned

10. Weekly BuyBack and Monthly liquidity

Last week we made a subtraction of 2,058 WWISH. The balance of 6,042 WWISH will be used this week and the following weeks unless they are finished.

This week the amount of Buyback is 4654 WWISH.

The remaining amount of 1388 WISH will be used for the next week and the following liquidity allocation.

Find transaction details on the previous weekly update here:

You can also find the details in the Tokenomics report available in this link:


Users: 39222(+1%)

Contracts: 27241(1.%)

We would like to thank the community for its ongoing support!





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