MyWish Weekly Report 04/16/2021

In this report you will find the progress of the week of April 12–16, 2021


1. Several projects are using our bridge now and one more joined.

Decentralization is our focus and we are working on additional steps to make it fully decentralized.

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2. Along with the growing interest in NFT phenomena, our development team is working on the solution for an advanced NFT creation service.

3. New option on the platform for token contracts to be introduced:

Users will be able to add liquidity and list immediately after token creation on pancakeswap. This development will be completed by April 28.

4. Airdrop service improvement:

Many projects are not ready to pay huge fees for token distribution. For such projects, we will introduce the Merkle Tree Airdrop service where users can claim tokens by themselves.

Development is completed by 70%. The release date is April 30th.

5. Airdrop service development is ongoing: TRON integration development is 85% complete. The testing phase begins.


  1. Staking details update

The staking Liquidity Pool Campaign is scheduled to be launched in May 2021. As a result of the campaign, we aim at establishing a bonus program for liquidity pool holders in WWISH tokens.

2. MyWish is partnering with Rubic for Cross-Chain Swap promotion together with has cooperated to integrate the Cross-Chain Bridge technology.

Our teams started a new cross-marketing campaign to make our service reach more customers. The major points are dedicated to extending the service attractiveness by offering and including listing on the fast-growing exchange platform — as well as to reach Rubic’s auditory to spread the word of MyWish platform. Our team is excited about this partnership and looking forward to the results.

3. A new Cross-Chain Bridge article is out on Medium

The article is aimed at helping our users understand the problems a cross-chain bridge solves, how one can benefit from this technology, what a cross-chain swap is, etc. You can find the article available at

4. We have our SubReddit back!

With help from one of our community members, we are now back to our original subreddit with 600+ followers. Thanks to Alan (@budw1ser) We are grateful for having such an active community that strives to help our platform development. We are not going to miss this chance so the subreddit will be updated on a daily basis. Stay tuned and follow

5. The Meme contest is officially over. All prices have been distributed to the winners.

Our team is happy to announce that the contest is closed. All the Winners have received their prizes. Before closing this, it is worth mentioning how grateful we are for having such an active and creative community. We are blessed to have you around and we look forward to further contests and other engagements.

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6. MyWish platform got noticed by Spanish-speaking influencers.

Our Spanish-speaking community is growing fast as well as the interest from the influencers. This week four (4) YouTubers have posted MyWish platform overviews and token contract reviews. We are welcoming all of the Spanish-speaking audience to join our Spanish-speaking telegram community here:

Check the influencers’ videos with the following links:

7. Binance Smart Chain Community support

Our team is grateful to our Binance Smart Chain partner for their trust and support. The BSC community Twitter channel regularly helps us extend the audience and increase MyWish awareness.

8. MyWish Twitter is growing fast!

Our twitter has reached a new landmark exceeding 6100 followers! team is grateful for our community support. We will do our best not to let you down.

9. MyWish referral program is still on!

MyWish offers an easy and effective source of passive income. You can get a 10% share of each contract deployed using your promo code.

Follow the guide — How to earn with the MyWish referral program:


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Contracts 17460

We would like to thank the community for its ongoing support!





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