MyWish Weekly Report 03/26/2021

Hello, MyWish community! Here the final month of March is a weekly report with our progress.


2. We are receiving feedback from users our airdrop service and are continually making improvements to provide the best product possible. Now support for multiple delimiters in CSV file. Airdrop service development is on-going: TRON integration — development is 80% complete.

3. We have completed the integration of Wallet Connect. Current plans are to release it next week when it becomes more stable.

4. We have discussed internally our next features for the implementation. A new development roadmap will be released at the beginning of April (including tokenomics).


2. On March 22 the meme contest was announced, please participate and win a prize. More than 40 participants came to us in the first week. Read more in the article:

3. The first integrations with Influencers are under negotiation, expect new reviews on YouTube in the near future.

4. There was a meeting with the team about plans for the second quarter of 2021, in particular, it was decided to start devising a staking liquidity pool mechanism for the WISH holders.

5. In conjunction with the new tactic of encouraging our investors, we will hold an internal AMA where we will discuss how this will work and generate revenue for both sides of the process. Venue:

6. We are launching a referral program for our platform users. Now you can get a bonus for sharing a discount promo code.

Leave your requests at the link:


We would like to thank the community for its ongoing support!!





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