MyWish Smart contracts broaden horizons

This is an article to introduce our ambassadors and tell you about our ambassador program.

Our ambassadors represent MyWish, promote smart contracts, ideas for their easy creation and use for business. The mission of the representative is to increase credit credibility for the target audience. One of the advantages of being an ambassador for the project is to have a unique promotional code that will allow you to gain interest from each deployed contract.

This means that by presenting our project around the world, you will be able to earn money by promoting the use of our contracts.

Latin America today is an attractive region for startup development with a stable economic climate, where IT projects have serious prospects. This is a cluster of promising markets, especially Brazil, Mexico and Argentina.

In this regard, we would like to introduce the MyWish Ambassadors to the Spanish-speaking market. If you have any questions in Spanish, you can freely ask them.

Welcome to the new team members:

Federico Fernández

Project manager- media relations and content creation

Public relations. Been around PR and Communication for the last 5 years, helping IT and lifestyle clients to design and implement communication plans, to give visibility to brands in the media that their target audience consumes. He has 5 years of experience in regional communication, coordinating multicultural teams, implementing communication plans and localized content for clients from the IT sector such as NVIDIA, Canon and Symantec, among others.

German Trautman

Entrepreneur & technology lover

Computer engineer. Detail-oriented IT professional specialized in finance. Has been involved in global fintech projects for the last 3 years and has also been developing product and traffic control strategies for increasing sales in Latin America and Europe. He has solid experience in the Crypto market, working as an advisor and contributing to crypto adoption during the last years. Currently, he is leading a credit platform based on Blockchain and machine learning technologies.

Nicolás Albarellos

Blockchain enthusiast & entrepreneur

Business administration. He has been into crypto for more than four years, as a trader and advisor, helping to expand the ecosystem in the Latin American market. After participating in several IT projects, he has gained extensive experience in software business management.

Currently leading a project that involves Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, that will help people enter the blockchain world.

Do you have a desire to become our ambassador in any part of the world? You want to get an extra bonus for attracting the target audience. Then send your application on the topic Why do you think MyWish is essential for the blockchain by e-mail to



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