MyWish Roadmap & Token Distribution Update

We want to remind once again about the joyful event for our project, MyWish Token sale ended on November 24! Until now, we haven’t fully realised the importance of the event. The trust and recognition was long-awaited for us. Nevertheless, the fact remains, the hard cap was collected and MyWish team is motivated to work harder to make this project a successful one.

Team and Roadmap.

MyWish team with its professional developers will continue to work towards improving the products.

As promised, yesterday we held a team meeting about planning for the next two months.

Let’s present the main stages of development within the project for the next month:

1. by December 10th integration with the Bancor protocol will be completed;

2. By December 25th, the integration of the WISH token into a platform. Users will pay by WISH tokens for the creation of contracts;

3. On December 25th, the first version of the Crowdsale contract is launched;

4. On January 20th, a new version of the Joule system will release on the basis of our platform.

People really understood the significance and progressiveness of the project. It inspires our team, because we want MyWish to be associated with quality and reliability, so we focus on developing the product itself, and then on advertising of the box solution.

Token and Exchanges.

The team has started the distribution of Bounty Tokens. MyWish team is grateful for everyone for contributing towards the success of this ICO.

BONUS & BOUNTY: 9% tokens = 1 980 000 tokens

(Includes Marketing, Code Review, Bug Bounty and Social Bounty)

Team tokens: 2382000 tokens (frozen) + Advisors: 507000 tokens (frozen) = 2889000 tokens

Advisors/Team tokens are locked for 3–6 months.

Total Supply:

Total circulating Supply: 19803000–2889000= 16 914 000 tokens

We understand how important, it’s for our investors to see the WISH token on stock exchanges, so we’re negotiating with numerous exchanges and will keep the community updated regarding the progress.

We are developing new ways of improving and promoting the project. We negotiate with potential partners (banks, pension funds, large companies) for the development of B2B direction and look forward to the growth of the MyWish SmartContract Platform for both General and Business users.


Bounty distribution link:

Telegram Group Link:


SmartContract Product Link:

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