MyWish Roadmap 2021

3 min readJan 20, 2021


Main goals for 2021

  1. New Tokenomics and Wrapped WISH
  2. Layer 2 contracts generation leader
  3. Polkadot integration


Last year was a pretty successful year for the platform. Thanks to our service, more than 6,000 smart contracts were created and the self-sustaining project showed good annual results.

However, we have taken into consideration our shortcomings and are ready to present a promising new Roadmap for 2021.

Also, even though the token has grown fivefold over the past year, our goal is to make the WISH token more attractive and increase the platform’s visibility.

Explanations for the roadmap

Quarter I 2021

So let’s begin, in order, our exciting adventure toward the planet of blockchain. In the first quarter of 2021, we have the event you’ve all been waiting for.

  • WISH BEP-2 bridge to Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain
  • Receiving a lot of objections about how difficult it is to trade WISH tokens on Binance DEX, we decided to make it easier for our users and build the bridge for a cross-chain swap between blockchains. How this will be implemented we will tell you very soon at the end of January 2021, stay tuned!
  • Listing of wrapped tokens on Uniswap/Pancake
    In February 2021, exchanged tokens through a cross-chain swap service can be listed on the exchange platforms and traded freely.
  • Airdrop contract ver 2
    Noticed the popularity of requests for Airdrop. More and more often people need to distribute a large number of tokens at the same time, so we’ve upgraded our Airdrop Contract and made it even easier to use.

Quarter II 2021

  • New Tokenomics introduction (Staking/Liquidity) — Q1-Q2
  • Declaring 2021 the year of the WISH token, we are serious about the growth and popularization of the token in the blockchain sphere. We also intend to review tokenomics and set conditions for token stacking for our investors. Expect profitable news.
  • Cross Chain Bridge as service
    The idea of cross-chain is so necessary for all projects within the cryptocurrency system that we plan to launch a separate service for swapping tokens between blockchains. Just imagine how much simpler the world will be!

Quarter III 2021

  • New Blockchain integration (Solana, OKChain as candidates)
  • Layer 2 integrations phase I
  • New contracts integration (subscription contract as a candidate)

Quarter IV 2021

  • Layer 2 integrations phase II (contracts generations, bridges)
  • Polkadot (autogeneration for parachains)

To support development plans and we will provide a saturated marketing activity. Taking into account the experience and suggestions of the community, the new marketing plan for 2021 will be implemented to significantly increase MyWish’s publicity capital.

Thanks to especially active members of the community, we hope for your support in the implementation of all plans, together with you MyWish will reach unprecedented highs in 2021!

Toward new achievements together!




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