MyWish New Airdrop Service

You can find the new service available with this link:

What Airdrop is used for

There are dozens of projects launched every day and almost everyone uses airdrop giveaways for promotion. Therefore, the services for fast and efficient token distribution are in high demand on the market. The MyWish Airdrop service is designed to decrease the number of transactions for mass token distribution as well as ease and fasten the process of making transactions to massive lists of addresses.

New Airdrop features

  • Simplicity
  • No need to create a contract
  • The amount of addresses fitting into one transaction is increased
  • Address list editing feature
  • Wallet extensions
  • Extended token distribution options
  • Transparent pricing structure
  • Availability to choose the transaction speed

Competitive advantage

Apart from all the service qualities, it is essential to outline its position against the competitors. As you can see in the picture below, all the biggest market players have quite similar features. What distinguishes MyWish Airdrop Service from others is the ability to fit a larger amount of addresses into a single transaction, various wallets support, convenient address list editing function and TRON integration will be available soon.

Future development plan

MyWish Airdrop Service has a great potential for further feature development and extensions which the technical team is going to implement soon.

  • TRON-based token distribution integration
  • Add native crypto distribution: ETH, BNB, TRX

Start distributing your tokens now!



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