MyWish Meme contest

Don’t miss your chance to win a share of a 750$ prize pool!
We are looking forward to seeing how creative our community is.

2 min readMar 19, 2021

Dear community,

We are excited to announce that we are launching 👑 MyWish Best Meme Contest!

💰 The prize pool is $750 in WISH tokens

To enter the contest:

1⃣ Follow @mywishplatform on Twitter ( and Telegram( )

2⃣ Like and retweet the pinned post on Twitter

3⃣ Create a Meme (image, GIF, short clip) related to MyWish or Smart Contracts

4⃣ Post a Meme on Twitter with three tags: @mywishplatform, $WISH, #MyWishContest

⏳ The contest duration is 2 weeks: from 22/03/2021 to 04/04/2021
The winners will be announced a week after the contest is closed on April,9 in our Twitter and Telegram accounts.

⏱️Starts: 22/03/2021

⏱️Ends: 04/04/2021

⏱️Results: 09/04/2021

📝 The rules:

  • Participants can make as many memes as they wish. But only one tweet per person can win the one with the most likes and retweets on Twitter.
  • The Memes have to include MyWish Logo
  • All the tags have to be included
  • The use of bots is prohibited
  • Airdrop arrangements for likes and retweets gaining are not allowed
  • Following MyWish Twitter and Telegram is compulsory
  • There are the following criteria to define 10 winners:

👑 The winners are defined by the community:

1 retweet= 2 points
1 like= 1 point

💡Small advice:

🎁The Prize Pool of $750 in WISH tokens will be distributed to 10 winners as follows:

1st place — $250

2nd place — $150

3rd place — $100

4th place — $50

5th place — $50

6th place — $30

7th place — $30

8th place — $30

9th place — $30

10th place — $30

Don’t forget to follow the instructions and have fun with the MyWish Meme contest!