MyWish is launching a community contest with Moonbeam!

2 min readNov 22, 2021

Along with the successful launch of Moonriver to MyWish platform, MyWish team has joined the Moonbeam Universe event to introduce the MyWish platform to the community and share the experience of working together with the Moonbeam team.

As a part of the event, MyWish is running a community contest to celebrate the MyWish launch to Moonriver in which the community can earn rewards.

Prize pool:
The 10 lucky winners will get the promo codes for free contract creation on any blockchain except Ethereum. The top three winners will also share the reward pool of $600, each getting $200 in WISH tokens.

To enter the contest:
- Tweet what makes you excited about the @MyWishplatform integration with @MoonriverNW

- Tag @MyWishplatform and @MoonriverNW, and use the hashtags #MyWish #MOVR

- Register your post in the evaluation form

⏳ The contest duration is 1 week: from November 22 to 28, 2021

The winners will be announced after the contest is closed on December 1 in MyWish Twitter and Telegram accounts.

⏱️Start: November 22nd
⏱️End: November 28th
⏱️Winners announcement: December 1

📝 The rules:

  • Only registered posts will be considered
  • Submitted posts must include all the tags
  • The posts will be evaluated by the number of likes and retweets after the end of submissions.
  • Participants can make as many posts as they wish. But only one tweet per person can win the one with the most likes and retweets on Twitter.
  • The posts must be related to Moonbeam and MyWish collab
  • All the tags have to be included
  • The use of bots is prohibited
  • Following MyWish, Moonriver and Moonbeam Twitter and Telegram is compulsory
  • There are the following criteria to define 10 winners:

👑 The winners are defined by the community:

1 retweet = 2 points

1 like = 1 point

💡Small advice:

Good luck! And may the odds be ever in your favor 😉