MyWish Cross-Chain Bridge


Why do you need a wrapped token?


Example: How it works for WISH — WWISH, BWISH

  1. Increased WISH token trade opportunities through entering new trading platforms such as Binance Dex, Uniswap, and Pancake Swap.
  2. Made the token available at three networks at the time.
  3. Given token holders freedom to choose the network for transactions.
  4. Escaped limitations of particular blockchain: costs and time constraints.
  5. Gotten the ability to use cheaper transaction fees and faster networks.
  6. Increased the number of token holders.

What are the benefits?

  • Ability to compare and choose from the gas costs offered by different blockchains.
  • New trading platforms allow reaching more buyers
  • Increase of capital efficiency and liquidity
  • Ability to apply more advanced functionality and features of non-native blockchains

Integration options

  • Back and forth Bridge from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain
  • Customized bridge

How to apply for the service/book a consultation?




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